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  1. Oh FFS. I just bought it for 250 points about 10 minutes ago! Oh well, no worries. It's an awesome dashboard theme. ^^
  2. Jake


    Killlingyouguy, why are all of your posts filled with such negativity? Chill out. DLC is downloadable content; add-ons for Castle Crashers. I think The Blacksmith would make a perfect new character. And you got the magic attacks spot on.
  3. I don't actually have any words to explain how great those are, so let me show you in number form: 10/10
  4. Jake

    [REQUEST] youtube background

    I'm bored.
  5. Jake

    Your Arena (melee) character setup

    Heh. Sure thing. I don't know what your gamertag is, but I'll be playing some more arena in the afternoon, so send me a message or somethin' if ya want to play. guy with beard: I remember that. It was a good game! I have a question: What's up with 1st and 2nd place on the ranked arena leaderboards? They have several MILLION points and only a few games played. I don't get it. Someone should ban/remove them so the guy in 3rd place can be at the top. I played him once; he's an absolute beast.
  6. Jake

    my stupid bro...

    He probably wouldn't have done it unless he's a COMPLETE asshat. Did you do something to provoke him?
  7. Jake

    Cruelty to animal orbs...don't tell PETA

    Haha. Great stuff. Really creative! Oh man, that Red Knight is pure evil.
  8. All of them are godlike pieces of art, but I'd say my favourite is the Saracen. I can't wait to see more of your work.
  9. Jake

    What does the monkey do?

    Do 10 runs of a normal level, recording how much gold you've increased by each time, and see if you get a different result.
  10. Jake

    You're banned!

    Banned for only having an XBL silver account, AND a low gamerscore.
  11. Jake

    Trading Kings Scepter

    You must have misread, I already have the scepter I'm just trying to trade it for the weapons that I don't have. Oh right. Sorry about that. I guess I was a bit tired when reading the thread.
  12. Jake

    Will I ever get to have a 4 player adventure?

    We'll all just have to be patient. If you're really desperate to play with 4 people, get some friends to play on System Link. It's a lot of fun.
  13. Jake

    Proof of new levels

    I'd love to fight some dinosaurs! That'd make some pretty sweet DLC.
  14. Jake

    You're banned!

    Banned for joining in November.
  15. Jake

    Your Arena (melee) character setup

    I've chosen Hawkster a few times for online, and it only really picks up food after the enemy is dead. Is it always like that, or was I just having really bad luck?