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  1. Today, August 27th is the 4th year anniversary of the release of Castle Crashers.. Funny thing, it's also my birthday today lol ..
  2. I was watching Gphoria 2009 on X-play on the G4TV channel.. and Castle Crashers was rated "Best Downloadable Content" award for 2009.. Congrats!!
  3. Might as well get used to it. There is always gonna be.. 1.) Cheap animal rider abusers 2.) Cheap magic splash users.. Nothing we can really do about it..
  4. I recommend that you read this. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1265&start=0
  5. I will add you now.. looking forward to playing you later..
  6. As far as lag.. I barely see any.. but I do get disconnects sometimes..
  7. Which Boss you think is the most annoying.. I say Corn Boss.. Due to the constant popping out he does.. especially when he's close to death.
  8. As hard as this game is.. Why they didn't put in Co-op in the first place?
  9. Actually I rather see a Vs Free Mode or something like that.. You can fight anyone based on their level at their custom stats based on level and not "Fixed" stats..
  10. Alright.. I've been playing the demo like crazy and plan on getting this tomorrow after I get paid.. I just wanted to know to those who have been playing the game fair without all those easy exp glitches I've been seeing and hearing about it. If anyone wants to play with me tomorrow and help me with the co-op achievements.. IGN: VengefulSystem4 I plan on leveling without all that nonsense.. =) Another cool fact: This game was released on my 20th birthday.. (August 27th, 2008)