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  1. I need: Rubber Handel Sword Kings Sceptor Double Progned Sword Rat Beating Bat/Baseball bat AH Gun Can Trade: Anything other than the ones listed above My GT is Ragdoll72; add me and pvt msg to see when I can get on
  2. I started with the green knight but after a while I tried out the blue knight and after I saw the way his magic effected eneimes....I could not help but switch characters
  3. I can't wait to see the completed site this info site is alot better than the other one out there right now, I really like your flash woork
  4. The blue knight bc he freezes; still have found it a little hard in some of the higher arenas
  5. My GT is Ragdoll72 and I need the kings sceptor and rubber handeled sword
  6. Is it possible to get an avatar of the blue knight holding a frozen rose and looking like he really doesn't give a damn w/ the necromancer's sword in his other hand dropped down to his side?
  7. Any way you could trade me those three weapons as well? I really need them; my GT is Ragdoll72 add me and send me a msg and we will meet up maybe this weekend
  8. If anyone wants to play CC sometime or trade some weapons add me as a friend/send me a msg GT is Ragdoll72
  9. If you have the kings sceptor or rubber sword can you please trade me for them? My GT is the same as my name
  10. Hey my GT is Ragdoll72; my favorite knight is blue knight he rocks; and I really like hawkbert. Favorite Weapon is the Necromancer's sword; This game is so much fun cant wait for the update