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  1. What happened to the awesome flash setup?
  2. I remember people saying he had a unique move. I was just wondering what it was again. Thanks!
  3. That's the right combo, but only the 4 starting knights have magic on the Y. All other characters just get double damage. The gray knight does not get anything on the Y. Thanks!!!!
  4. Why would you make minor changes to an OG drawing? Not hating just wondering.Tat looks awesome thou!
  5. "thats cuz its X X X Y Y" I know this is one but for some reason I was under the impression that you learned an x x x y move. Am I completely nuts?
  6. I beat it three times with a buddy. I am working on insane mode wioth him now and still trying to beat the game on normal by myself. Not easy!
  7. I believe it is the baseball bat but I could be wrong.
  8. How do you do the elemntal combo spin move? I can never land the x x x Y and if I do I don't see any magic
  9. I'll use a walk through if I get stuck in a game for awhile but who needs a walk through for a beat-em up?
  10. Not flaming. Just observing what most people do on the board and thats get the weapons and disappear. Its all cool Theepo. When you get your weapons let us know! I got some of the more basic ones if you really need And if you were Bill Gates then I'd really loving hate you for scamming me and my friends with poorly mad xbox 360s!