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  1. Wow that's a lot I don't think many people would go for something like all gold skulls again like in Castle Crasher. So do all of them have unique abilities or do they have similar moves?
  2. Since BattleBlock Theater will be coming out in spring does that mean Hatty will be possible to get without hacks when BattleBlock is out?
  3. Dog Tags

    I Have A Question?!?

    Can my cat see it?
  4. Dog Tags

    Since The Gold Sword Was Nerfed What Is The Best Weapon?

    I like meat slab the most. I usually just juggle everything anyways.
  5. Dog Tags

    Invites Anybody?

    I got mys! Did everyone get the same picture as me I got a picture of prisoner 10325
  6. Dog Tags

    Battleblock Theater Beta

    This will be fun if I get in. Also what will it say when we are playing cause if it say battleblock theater beta I think I would get constant messages from my friends asking me how I got.