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  1. I got the traitor achievement destroying the machine in the industrial castle with the industrial knight, soo... That works.
  2. Banned because you hurt my companion cube's feelings.
  3. My kill/death ratio on every FPS I own that has live... Just kidding it's like under 9,000 .
  4. Banned because you are a LIER!
  5. Banned for banning more than one person.
  6. Haii it's mee can you help me get the bloodstained sword?
  7. It begins in the alien ship, and every level after if you don't exit the game.
  8. The Final Fantasy XII spoof was great, but I didn't know they had a castle crashers one?
  9. Robinator208


    Some of them you get from completing levels and destroying buildings, I'm not sure how to get all of them, as I don't even know how to wear hats, how do you wear hats? ROFL.
  10. Yay, a forum that helps raise your dragons! Heres mine. NOOO!! THEY DIED!!! Ah well, it looks pretty sweet. I'm gonna keep it there and see how many clicks I can get.
  11. I don't really know of many solutions to this, but to prevent losing game data... Go to your player statistics when ever you boot up castle crashers or quit a game, if you don't have money, your characters, or any other items DO NOT START A GAME, once you start one, the game will save and your data will be lost. If your data isn't shown from the player statistics screen, try some of the solutions Kelly mentioned. Do not accept any game invites while in a game. Hope that helps, can you do me a favor and click on my baby dragons? Lol.