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  1. While quick match works like a charm, I'm having trouble finding ranked games. If I search for a ranked game, I never find one. If I host a ranked game, nobody ever joins. Unless you host the flippin' ballgame, but I hate that one. *edit* well, castle crashers was certainly different. It loved picking fights with my router for some reason.
  2. Title sais it all Can someone give an overview of the requirements for the avatar rewards? I unlocked Hatty's head and a cat head, but I'm not sure how. There is also a cat costume I have yet to unlock.
  3. Or solo it These levels were HARD (this is the first time I thought "screw that gem, there is the exit"), I'm glad you don't need to do the encore stages to unlock the character. I also unlocked some avatar stuff. Is that part of the same deal or is it a "normal" reward for completing a playlist?
  4. I don't recall what level you mean, but if there are fans involved, it usually means switching them off first.
  5. Doesn't really count as a review, but TotalBisquit released his impressions on BBT last night (or morning in the US? It was late evening over here) He seemed to love it, wich means a lot from a PC gaming evangelist
  6. It would hurt their sales pretty bad if they did that The XBLA store is accessible to everyone. Gold members can gain additional benefits like discounts and early demos, but this is not applicable to BBT.
  7. 30, and surprised at how young people are here. Though I'm glad to see today's kids are still able to recognise good gameplay when they see it. Us grumpy old gamers salute you.
  8. I don't think the behemoth has that much of a travel budget tbh (or does Microsoft sponsor these things? I have no clue how that works, with BBT being the most anticipated XBLA exclusive of the moment) Otherwise: There is this lovely giant games convention in Cologne, Germany every summer, us Europeans want fancy goodies too
  9. And even 1 picture is too much There, I said it. Thank the heavens for custom CSS. (translation: large signatures create a lot of clutter that nobody really wants to see. Try to keep it brief )
  10. DING DING DING DING DING April 3, 2013 Warning: Contains full frontal nudity
  11. I hope so. I don't see why not. Think of XBLA like a website you can access. It's not like if you get a new, fancy computer you wouldn't be able to get to some old, dumpy site. Don't assume that. It's doubtful the next xbox will have a powerpc architecture again (rumours say they are going for x86 now). It'll be nice if they can emulate xbla games, but I don't think it's that trivial.
  12. I'm locking up my girlfriend for the next week, so she can't accidently glance at the screen. Can't trust women and their curiousity. Still have to cover the windows with ducktape though.