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  1. i find hawkster to be the best for everything pretty much. he attacks enemies when they are down which helps you with gettin rid of foes and the amount of food he gives you makes you pretty much invincible
  2. as i was watching this dev blog , i noticed that no matter how many souls you had, the effect of the smoke was the same. I think that to have priority targets in that game the little circles popping out should be numbers. it would be basically the same look but with this the enemy team could use strategy to gang up on the guy with the most souls, and spreading out of souls would be encouraged. another suggestion would be to steadily intensify the brightness of the smoke as souls are gained.
  3. ive been off castle crashers for a while, but i will definately buy this!
  4. nobody read my post commending the golden flying poopingness i see...
  5. id call himm the coonalope or the jackoon or the rackalope or Ted the omnomatic
  6. yes its interesting, but each be can only hit once, it goes in a straight line, and isnt very powerful. its like arrows and knives, pretty much crap. and to the guy who said the bees wouldnt be very good fighters, you would bee summoning ALOT of them at higher levels, it would be like the red knight
  7. well you just got awesome squared, you multiplied whale and shark EDIT: Huzzah! i got dan in my thread! everything is going just the way i planned....
  8. i want this so i can give it to any friends i meet freshman year
  9. snakey is a beast boss killer, and he looks cool
  10. he won't lose all his data, that was fixed in the title update
  11. if it hasnt been suggested before, cops and robbers the cops try to capture the robbers by punching them to grab them by the seat of their pants and bring them back to a fridge jail. they can also throw the robbers away. meanwhile the robbers can rescue their comrades by tagging them in the fridge or when being carried. The robbers can win by stealing a gem in a safe in the cops base and the cops can win by capturing all the robbers
  12. me and my friend were bored so we went to the marketplace and found the demo, i downloaded it, tried it out and bought it immediately. one of my smartest game purchases behind TF2 and Halo 3
  13. dude, im not complaining about the flying golden coin poopingness of the whale, just its tail being wrong <- whale <- one jawsome shark
  14. the golden whale is anatomically incorrect. the tale moves side to side and is vertical (ala fishes and sharks) a marine mammals tale moves up and down and is horizontal. am i the first, or has my absence from these forums left me uninformed