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  1. I fear you did what I and others have done, you went in to the wrong option. Make sure you pick the Furbottom Feature not anything else. Strawberries means you were in the wrong section. It might be the right playlist, but unless it's the actual Feature it won't count.
  2. I cant connect to the feature since Friday night. Congrats on the vgx win!
  3. By the way I liked this setlist. I had some good laugh out loud moments. Toast Mountain was one. Having my partner use my currently being consumed body as a bridge to jump to the exit was another good one.
  4. Does anyone have an extra copy of the Hooshmand head? It's the only head I don't have
  5. New playlists every week, new star heads (usually)! I used to love Fridays just because I like to look forward to the weekend. I still do, but now I get BBT updates too! Thanks!
  6. Holy crap the co-op is tough so far. I haven't been able to load single player.
  7. I can't recall if it's on a 1 or two week rotation now. I am heading out on a trip and won't be back until late Wednesday next week. Just want to make sure I'll have time to earn if there is indeed a new feature this week.
  8. 8-4 and then 8-9 were the worst for me. I just finished insane this morning. Yay!
  9. I finished this awhile ago, but went back and did solo insane. I saw one interesting thing in the co-op playlist. I don't think I've ever seen the puzzle where you hold a block to move through the fans. That tricked me for awhile.
  10. Ok I got the donut and do I ever feel dumb. I was playing the list from the community feature not the feature. That's why it didn't unlock for me the first time.
  11. Did you find the secret level? I think that's a requirement. Check all the doors for see if you have a letter for each and if you have found the secret level, re-do the level where you find it without going in the secret level. Or you just have a bug maybe. I don't remember but if you want the music go check the OST on Youtube. Maybe it's this song: Wait I think I remember a level with a secret level. I did the secret level but never figured out if I could finish the non-secret level. Do I need to go back and replay everything or does it save the progress?
  12. I finished all the solo levels and didn't get the donut What did I do wrong? I finished the encore ones also.