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  1. like there was a bone saw a loli pop another flame sword and some other one i wasnt paying attention to
  2. i saw the secret weapons on a link called the complete castle crashers knowledge i was wondering how to get them
  3. Well i have it now my friend gave it to me
  4. I saw it today but before i could get it i was lagged out so i want to know how do u unlock the Blood stained sword
  5. Today all my weapons some how dissapeared and i wasn't laggy before it happened well i got most of them back and I saved my game and went to my computer when i came back turned my xbox on and went to the weapon frog all my weapons were gone again!Thats twice in one day how do i fix this problem so it can stop?
  6. what is ur highest level here's ur chance to show off how good u are
  7. what is ur favorite animal?i like the chicken one or as i call it the Behemoth
  8. does anyone have all the weapons in the game?
  9. my favorite weapon is the kings staff
  10. What is your favorite weapon?