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  1. ill give it to you if you beat me at koth. GT:ultrabarbarian
  2. I was wondering what IS in those sandwiches?! can someone please tell me!!!
  3. MWA HA HA HA HA HA IT WILL STAY HERE FOREVER!!! jk how do I move it?
  4. me too, where did you get yours?
  5. OH. >.> Well im a dum dum!
  6. Hey boys and girls, im trying to collect all of the steam trading cards for castle crashers! If anyone is interested in helping me out my steam name is Sgt BathSoap [WorkDone] and my picture is of Rarity. Thanks for taking the time to help and have a splendifourus day!
  7. I am really in need of the duck shark head, I am willing to spend up to 300 gems for it or trade any head
  8. yeah I played with one and he sold a lame circle head to a kid for 60 gems
  9. I really think the brutes need a level dlc or something...
  10. I always loose the dlc characters for some reason...
  11. Lol I have all the heads already but I am still buying more yarn. And I wouldn't sell my CC and AH head if I were you.
  12. It kinda sounds like "Hey You Sombody!" also I do agree that they should be making money off its AMAZING