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  1. me wants a prize TT_TT meeow :3 even a piece of paper signed by Dan .. it's enough =(
  2. GAME 3 that's soo out of the box )) can't wait
  3. I could help with some images.... the ones from www.ccck.xelubest.ro tell me if they are good enough and pm me if you want them
  4. Does anybody want me to continue this project??? (sorry for my bad english)
  5. i'd say coupkle of days because the behemoth already released the update.... now Microsoft must aprove it and make it available at the xbox live download section.. soooo couple of days i think
  6. @Leo > Hey.. dude thanks alot for the pics but as Oyajitchi said.... they are not sharp enough and kinda bad quality.. but thanks for the effort @Oyajitchi > 1- well i don't really know... (it's an abandoned project yet) 2- kinda yeah... people hepled me with info's and pics but i would like someone to help me with the programming... the program i'm working in it's really easy and i could teach it really fast 3- don't know WELL... this project is abandonet... (at this time) I may continue it later..... but for the moment.. i'm working on something else IF ANYBODY WOULD LIKE TO LEARN TO PROGRAM AND HELP ME WITH THIS SITE >>> contact at xelu_best[at]yahoo[dot]com or xelu_best[at]hotmail[dot]com
  7. ok so i've uploaded the soundtrack page even if it's not finished i still need some "yes you can use my song" from some authors on newgrounds the vinyls with X-es.... are NOT done soooo don't click them cause i forgot to put a back button and you will have to refresh the facts page is not UPDATED yet.. but i'll update it soon sooooooo... CHECK OUT THE SOUNDTRACK PAGE >>> ccck.xelubest.ro
  8. @theSTORM777 > thanks a lot man @Winterous > i think i'll use that note > the soundtrack page is somewhere about 90% done but i can't work today.... i'm going to nijikon ^.^ anime fans convention cya :D:D Naruto here i come =))
  9. and i just saw you renamed the thread "the lobster" haha XD nice
  10. xelubest

    Dear dan

    heh... awesome drawing welcome to the forums :3
  11. Xenoliath send me a message on xbox life gamertag : xelubest i'll trade it to you i tried with l33tsp33ker but we couldn't connect T.T
  12. yeah i would like to play with DAN too T.T
  13. it would be cool to have about 200 characters ) from the krinkle's madness guy and newground's pico to superman and batman
  14. i think the wrench is the fastest weapon to get (beside the razor sword from industrial castle) takes some time to dig the lobster (sometimes digging can be tricky) yeah i WASN'T the first to do this but.... still... DIE ! :D:D
  15. well i'll see what i can do but at this moment i designed the flash in such a way so it's not POSSIBLE to control the music ((((