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  1. Well that's just dandy and everything but... For the first month people had hope, I think you lost a loottttt of customers, and future customers over this. Sure, I'll play once the online is fixed until I outgrow it.... But I won't ever purchase an item made by behemoth or any other company related to Behemoth. I know you guys have a positive group of people over here on the Behemoth boards, but that's why they're here. If you look on any other board however.... it's not so friendly. Some of the boards, half of the threads or more are about... Well, I don't even wanna say, you should go see for yourself. It's not too pretty. I understand you're working hard on this and everything, but it's just too long. I'm sorry, but no patch takes this long, especially for a fix like this. You could have at least released what you had so far, even if it was incomplete. Some online is better than no online. If I could reliably connect with people and have fun, i wouldn't care about my weapons and animal orbs disappearing. Oh yeah, and I hope you don't plan on charging MS points for any DLC you release (be it the patch or extra items characters or animals added to the game). After all of this, it would just plain be an insult. I personally don't care, I have MS points left over, but at this point you should be sending all sorts of things out to your customers in apology hoping to keep them around. Behemoth making broken games is just about as famous as Lionhead studios for making false claims about their Fable games. I dunno if you realize how bad an image Behemoth has now. This isn't me trolling, this is me opening your eyes. check out some other forums about castle crashers. PPS I just realized how old Kelly's post is, but that doesn't change anything since they're still spewing out the same excuses, it only strengthens my point after all this time.
  2. How about they finish making the first game before they think about a second? CC1 is incomplete, they sold half of a game.
  3. Quit being a fanboy and see it for what it really is. A small patch that can be done in a couple of hours by a real company.
  4. You guys claim that your patch is going very smoothly and whatnot, hurry up and put it on, seriously, this is wayyy too long for one small patch. It doesn't even matter if it's not finished, something is better than nothing. If you've fixed even one slight problem, UPLOAD IT! It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be enough to make the game PLAYABLE until the finishing touches are added. You guys have no idea how many potential customers you have lost, and how many of your current players have quit over this. You don't have time to polish it.