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  1. THE SECOND COMING OF PPowers737!! Hopefully before the second coming of Christ...
  2. DING DING DING DING DING DING The Alarm Clock has rung.. Time for your hibernation to end!
  3. bumpidty bump bump bumpidty bump
  4. and he'll probably read it and go ... WOW PEOPLE NEED LIVES!...
  5. Is there an expected release date yet???
  6. Was playing today... Basically ended a level.. said saving.. i pressed start exit Game.. it went into the Castle Shop level when the barbarians are attacking it... Also it lvled up all my characters to lvl 99... Just thought i'd let you know... BTW level's did not stay due to me being unable to save...
  7. YEah pretty much just i hate how they end before they get really difficult... (if your maxed out) on insane...
  8. i would just like to say.... BOO YEAH!! and to all the TMNT fans COWABUNGA!
  9. i was thinking more like Zombie Survival sort of thing
  10. btw Vader's Helmet = HUGE puppy! if anyone wants the non distorted version then ask