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  1. I'm on Chapter 6 taking a break by playing through Normal a second time with another friend.
  2. Scouted


    Have you tried creating an offline profile, playing AH, and then trading the head over?
  3. Scouted

    Battleblock Theater Beta

    Sounds simple enough. I'm keeping my fingers and toes (and eyes!) crossed!
  4. Scouted

    Beta Inbound!

    I'm also curious about this. Not that I expect to be busy during Feb/March, but say an emergency or work happens to intervene for a day.
  5. Scouted

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Excited to be here! Where to begin... -Finally made an account once I heard about the BbT beta. -Alien Hominid was my first The Behemoth game. Alien Hominid HD was the reason I signed up for XBL back in early 2007. -Xbox 360 is my main platform, followed closely by PC, and my PS3 coming in 3rd. -I like to have a good time online and play to have fun 98% of the time. -Some of my favorite games are: (in no particular order) Dark Souls, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid HD, Halo, Borderlands, Spyro, Pokemon, and Counter Strike. I look forward to posting around and (hopefully!) be giving good feedback in the BbT beta!
  6. Scouted

    GamerTag/Username Origins?

    Scouted was from my gamertag ScoutedSoldier. Everyone always shortened it to Scouted so the name just stuck. My Gamertag is now Jirachi, I probably don't need to explain the origin.
  7. Scouted

    Battleblock Theater Beta

    New poster, long time player. Super psyched there's going to be a beta!