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  1. depends on if you are playing solo or w friends.. hawksters and piggy w group of 4 is great otherwise the aboves if you crit drill beholder w high magic weapon
  2. Idk what you're smoking but there's no new challenge when the stat pets and new weapon stats make for better combinations than you could even conceive of before. There was no point in nerfing the Black Morning Star (The only weapon that actually got nerfed badly)Why not ask dan or the devs then since it concerns you so much?The black morning star had +5 mag and crit before? Crit made it op There is more of a challenge now.. Most of the weapons are found throughout insane mode rather then dlc... Quite f'n obvious I like the new balance and the more elemental feel to alot of the weapons.. Why be limited and one minded to a weapon that everyone uses?
  3. Gold sword and beholder w industrial level 50 combo - 222 dmg w max str + magic Snakey mace and beholder 212 X,x,x,y the number appearing is the y attack The damage reflects on magic as primary dmg output and str is secondary The gold sword is now the main weapon along w beholder and industrial or fencer to maximize your x,x,x,y combo Test it out for yourself with industrial and that setup Each character has a different x,x,x,y even with this all equiped .. Main 4 knights are nerfed due to element damage with x,x,x,y so you will never see a high number w them. Xbox one tested june 19/2016
  4. juggling can be any combo depending on if y if forward swing or backward.. one goes up. one goes down.. odd or even standing x,y,y lifts you up for a juggle in the air x,x,y lets you fly or x,y,y.. i forget..
  5. changes from what i know... the boomerang glitch in industrial castle boss posts has been patched... you can no longer exp grind them meaning the boomerang has been completely fixed for exploiting this from the desert caterpillers and these posts cone knights are in the wedding parade float instead of theives though the theives make an attack at the end weapons and characters are found by beating areas in insane mode or buying them in the shops as items are shifted
  6. the snakey mace and beholder combo had the highest damage output for a level 50 or x,x,x,y attack pre i dont have all the weapons to test out which is the number one right now.. thats why the weapon was the best in the game for me. especially with the industrial knight or the fencer using it since they had the highest level 50. again i dont have all the new weapons and im only just before the docks to see whats on the other side...
  7. Yeah, I grind my characters to 99 after getting the gold skull ive yet to go through insane mode... im at volcano and industrial solo... just getting used to some of the adjustments ie: cone knights on wedding cart.. lol... they were theives before
  8. most of the weapons were nerfed to poop to make insane mode a little more challenging... the weapons that were nerfed removed crits or buffs for certain stats to bring the level 30 weapons into play. while this does suck it makes it a little more fun as you have to fight for your builds...
  9. again redo the teir list character starting weapon might also be a factor as your level 1 with say a snakey mace etc... do level 50 attacks with each character or x,x,x,y with highest magic outing possible and highest strength... the x,x,x,y is based off magic or was in the 360 version.. meaning snakey mace and beholder is highest output... now the weapons have been modified stats so beholder with ... unicorn horn or something with +5 magic and also something that + the strength red knight has better crowd control then blue.... also he has the best magic to level up with and the most multihits.. one of the best characters for arena... the only thing that stops the shock would be the ram... as it will attack as your shock the player orange knight has the best magic reach for cast speed and flame damage does burn damage (great vs corn boss) as he wont attack or used to not... blue knight- has rt magic while jumping which can make reviving players easier.. overall a weak character though and his b magic is great vs wedding knight and necro and big brutes green knight- has the highest damage over time magic as it burns x3, has a double y y flip which can juggle while standing against the screen.. has the highest x,x,x,y attack out of the 4 i believe... king- has the ability to heal which can save on potions.. also nulifies the burn damage if your on fire with the heal and say a troll orb that combined with hawkster or a pig in a group can really keep health going depending on your magic stats eskimo- had the worst magic per cast before... now its fixed... does more damage with x,x,x,y then blue knight but lacks freezing b magic or a casting ground freeze rt while in the air... again all freezing attacks are useless in arena with yeti orb industrial and fencer- highest mutli hit magic in the game, highest x,x,x,y damage in the game, kills bosses the quickest.. no reason not to put these guys #1 snakey and brute- these guys have the fastest cast per hits and 2nd highest x,x,x,y or level 50.. a team with industrial, fencer, snakey, brute destroy. snakey mace was the best level 50 weapon pre next gen but now its nerfed... does poison tho arrow knights- the do multi hits but most are just the same... ninja, minion, skeleton same type of magic though different starting weapons for different builds fire demon - is more powerfull then the orange knight and has a higher level 50 and x,x,x,y.. does burn damage and used to have a great starting weapon.. now its nerfed to poop necro- has the highest defence sword in the game for starting weapon, has a b magic that runs the whole screen... rt attack does multi hits but not too powerfull again starting weapons can actually help for classes for agility if you want to use arrows.. skeletons starting weapon has highest agil i think next to lolipop... this was all pre next gen stuff... not sure how it all is now as i havnt tested it all
  10. Blue knight and eskimo... How are they better then snakey or brute?. Thorn magic hits more vs bosses and against heavies like beatles" There's more to magic than just boss slaying. There are some characters that ages to kill easy bosses, but are amazing at crowd control and enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- they have a higher damage x,x,x,y when you have full magic and strength just like industrial and fencer have the highest damage with beholder and a +5 magic weapon. or even their level 50 attack does insanely more damage... the original 4 knights have the weakest level 50 attacks in the game! you can stun lock any enemy with x,x,x,y and do x,x,x,y repeatedly... with or without ice... so that doesnt make him any more usefull the eskimo has a higher damage level 50 or x,x,x,y but his snowball attack doesnt freeze... so you got a blue knight who can freeze almost anything except bosses and when you get to a boss your weak even with level 50 attacks compared to snakey or brute who will do more plus their weeds do more multi hits in a rapid succession.. casting time vs damage vs magic used = usefullness the only time id say blue knight is extremely usefull is vs wedding knight or necro with his b magic as it freezes so you can reposition yourself.. again just freezing a random crown isnt going to help you that much vs damage... especially in insane mode also in arena if someone has the yeti orb your magic is useless
  11. I have a better internet connection now.. its 12 dl and 3 ul.... sadly no one is playing much these days... i still stream from time to time
  12. every character has the same types of juggles with the exception of green knight...its all how you use your agility or magic or juggles on bosses... he is no different then the bear 1. His RT+B can be used to start juggles2. His RT+B is different to Bear's. 3. Exactly, since he has no real boss killing magic so it would be interesting. Its no different then using the king or even hominidMelee is best
  13. When you do a teir list think of the following Magic vs skinny, fat, bosses Magic hits per cast How much magic used per cast Magic vs in arena Magic vs crowds Magic over damage per hit Magic range Magic usefullness Every character is the same melee and arrows its just magic that makes it unique.. With the esception of green knight.. Some characters have benefits of magic vs enemies like hominid vs stove face Bear and saracen can attack w tornado up and down while no other magic can Ice attack is horrid on bosses Flame on orange knight is great vs corn boss Green knight poison does great damage over time when poisoning foes Arrows have multi hits Hominid has best cast rate with his attacks and range King can heal multiple players Just little things people leave out.. Blue knight and eskimo... How are they better then snakey or brute?. Thorn magic hits more vs bosses and against heavies like beatles Again each their own opinion but really look deep into a character Red knight has best multihit magic bet for exp
  14. I dont see why eskimo is top teir.. The ground ice magic is only useful for freeze xxxy magic attack.. His rt b is useless I dont find him any better or even useful as blue knight... Their magic is horrid vs bosses.. No multihits Arena mode might be usefull..
  15. I got zero... Too busy unlocking characters solo When done im sure ill get some... I hate being level 99 to play it... Rather be a lower lever so i can level up to get hp