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  1. The devblog actually replys to 2 of your questions 1. chainsaw is dlc 2. king, necromancer= dlc There you go
  2. i bet its a super crazy balloon dragon that you defeat and then train to be your pet.... i would pee my pants if i was right
  3. I think their paper recyclables are picked up on Tuesday and the plastic is on Friday
  4. You could just do it on easy or sign in a second controller and play as that one untill the boss is almost dead then press start on your controller and finish it
  5. I wonder if there will be shields other than the default for the character
  6. ehehe... Aeroplane humping a giraffe.. Adman, everyone loves you
  7. tee hehe!! He's got lil' arms! thanks Kelly
  8. this lady reminds me of the rainbow in sprinkler freakout ( search sprinkler rainbow on youtube, should be the first one) she had no knowledge of the subject and tries to be smart, very much like this one
  9. you get the picture under your name by goin to the user controls pannel, then on the left theres a list, click on profile, then there is a dropdown list under it and then you click on avitar, after that its pritty strait forward