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  1. Draw me an epic mad warrior tomato! Double tomato, for more flavour.
  2. The Pencil-Tip Prisoner and the SodaCup Prisoner
  3. Thanks. The thing is I'm a Product Designer and I love sketching. It's been a while since I've been more into digital sketching than the traditional ways, and I'm looking for the programs that best suits my skills. I had worked a lot with Photoshop for illustration and sketching, but it has a lot of tools that I find useless and I don't like the brush settings at all. Flash never came to my mind, since I knew it for animation and not for illustration. When I first tried Sketchbook Pro, It was pure love. It's lighter than Photoshop, brush customization seems a lot easier and simple, friendlier and cleaner UI, designed straight to tablet workflow, and focused in drawing. It can't be compared to Photoshop fairly, because they are different programs for different purposes. It just fits me like the first one didn't. And as a bonus, it has the full COPIC color pallete. I recommend a try. (sorry to put this unrelated works here, so removed.) I really appreciate the interest from all of you, and I'm sorry I don't have time to draw more, but I'll put some new stuff here as soon as I can.
  4. Thank you Leurfe. Yeah, the place is quite dead because it lacks updates. I'm working on it right away
  5. Try playing Furbottom's... Mine appeared just from choosing it, no need to play at all.
  6. Missile Bots are like a huge pain in the a.. eh... butt. Mainly when there are a 2+ combo, like in final stages.
  7. It's not possible. Right now I have lots of work for my master degree and any spare time I get will be used to find a job.
  8. I want one so bad, but it's too expensive here in Brazil... I got a bamboo create and it's fine for now.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked. I'll post new drawings ASAP. And tell me if anyone would like the blank line art for coloring.
  10. Here it is. (edited: color adjustment) I had a hard time choosing his pose, but ended ok. Hope you like it. Bonus: I don't know if you guys dig coloring, but I offer you the PSD Donatello's blank line art. Feel free to download and color by yourself. Or not.
  11. Thanks. I use Sketchbook Pro for line art and base colors, then Photoshop for some effects an background.