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  1. That looks awesome man. The smoke/cobwebs were a good idea that sorta threw everything together. I like the eye as well, nice touch!
  2. Naw, he is just quicker than most characters because of his weapon, and uhh maybe because he has a different looking bow than most characters, skeleton aside.
  3. I like the 2nd version a little bit better. 3 and 4 look more like the fbi agent from the AH game but I like him with the armor on for Castle crashers.
  4. I'm not sure why you can't do the log ability, I haven't been able to yet at least. I think my ninja is only level 20 but yeah...The ninja uses a coffee mug for a shield.
  5. Yeah, I was stuck on it for awhile...til I played with a friend. I think it might be impossible alone. My least favorite boss would probably be the Corn boss, followed closely by that iceman guy.
  6. Yeah man, real good. I like how you cast a shadow over dudes face, on his shirt as well. Keep up the nice work.
  7. What do you mean everyone in Arena is the same..? Does everyone have the same amount of Hitpoints regardless of level or something? It is pretty weak when people quit early though...I remember my first arena game was vs a level 99 and I was only 34 at the time and still fought through it.
  8. I think it's supposed to be a shadow, but half of it got cut off.
  9. Yeah this is my bad. I thought he was talking about english speaking players, not literally English players.
  10. 21, i feel old. -.- Turning 22 in 9 days though! 10/20! WOOT!
  11. Cool man. How long ago did you pick the tablet up? And am I remembering correctly, you paid 100 bucks for it?
  12. Add me as well, I'm always down for some CC. Insane preferably. But I do have some lower levels that need leveling up. GT is Bobmos, same as my forum name.
  13. Sure is. Wonder why we can't play together though?
  14. This isn't an error persay, just a suggestion. I'm not sure how many other people feel this way, but I think it would be better if the logout button is located on the top right hand of the screen and the FAQ, SEARCH, MEMBERS, and USER CP be switched over to the left hand side of the screen. It's probably just me but I keep wanting to check my CP but wind up clicking the logout button instead. Am I the only person doing this?