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  1. Yeah, that's a plus for them. There's time for the patch, so there's no need to hurry up with the DSi version, if they plan to do it.
  2. Get a job for the money? Well, more specifically, I don't have the money to invest on videogames, because I have other priorities. Investing in a handheld device isn't as expensive as investing in a home console, both money and time wise. I acknowledge the 360 could be a really good product to have for home entertainment, of course, but I'm almost always on the go, anyway.
  3. That seems pretty interesting, and would work well, I suppose. An illegal download? I assume I'm not up to those ways of pirating. Anyway, was it discussed for the DSiWare? I think that's the strongest point here, as it'd make everything easier, and give The Behemoth an edge, as it's actually just in development.
  4. Well, I also have my doubts it could happen, but I have hopes it'll someday, even if I'm just dreaming. I'm a Newgrounds user, so I can relate to Castle Crashers development, since it started, and even played, and loved, Dad and Me (as far as I know, CC was an idea after Dad and Me, developed by Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp. , for those of you who haven't played it). So it was a letdown knowing it'd be 360-only. Yeah, I know they're a very small company, but if we saw Alien Hominid for GBA, we could see CC for DSi specifically, because, I suppose, it'd cost less money and development for the DSiWare. Plus, with the new features, it'd be really interesting to see how they implement them.
  5. I suppose that for a 360 owner it's really simple to say, but open your mind. There are people out there that don't have the money nor the interest in acquiring a console — like me. Yeah, I'd definitely enjoy playing Castle Crashers, but then what? I know there should be further games that interest me, but then, I don't have that much time to play. With that being said, I used to play a lot before, but nowadays I'm more like a casual gamer, you know. And this game would be nice for casual play, because as I see it's a really deep game, but can be enjoyed without being devoted to it, dedicating infinite hours a day to finally appreciate it. Anyway, I would like to see what The Behemoth developers think. Oh, and almost forgot, the DSi doesn't come to US 'well into 2009', so the game would have some time in development.
  6. Now that the DSi was announced, along with its own applications/games store, I thought about the idea of having Castle Crashers for the DS. Think of the possibilities, the game could be really innovative using the two screens, moving the characters with the stylus, implementing the mic for cooperative play, and even implementing the cameras in some way. You could even include some goodies like pictures and sounds, that could be distorted with the DSi softwares, or who knows what else. What do you think? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would buy it instantly from the DSi Store. It's just a no-brainer.