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  1. I think I have a pretty unique case. Details follow: I got Castle Crashers October 4,2008. I really enjoyed playing the game. Beat it on Red Knight. I then Started to use Skeleton Unlocked character {The one rewarded once you beat the game with red knight} I played with my friend, we were having a great time, we got to tall grass field, from the beginning, our goal was to get to Pippistrello's cave {The Big Bat Dude}, and once we got to tall grass field, the game ended, it said it was canceled, but neither of us had left, we then made another game, and we started it, everything seemed normal, but when we scrolled up to tall grass field, we noticed everything was unlocked, the wedding place, lava world, etc.{by the way, neither of us had gotten up to Pipistrellos cave yet} I thought it was strange, but my friend didnt notice. so we just did Pipistrellos cave for a little cash, then we just stopped playing, and then i took a break. So i just shut off the Xbox [360] , then i returned [about an hour later]. And upon my return, after logging in and such and going to my castle crashers game i talked to one of my friends, he had a weapon i needed, {the kings scepter} after he gave it to me we did a little campaign, the last level to be exact, after killing the wizard he logged off, and i kept on playing, for 1-2 hours, when i was finished playing, and i went to the weapons frog to save, and then back to the map, i proceeded to end the game, i ended it, and i got a loading screen {castle crashers loading screen} and then it just froze. IT STOPPED. NO MORE MOTION. Then i manually turned off the xbox, and the turned it back on. I then started up castle crashers and proceeded to play on my skeleton, i was on tall grass field, so i beat it, then moved on to the chapel, then i had the wild idea to leave then come back. so i did just that, so when i started my save game up again, it was back at the tall grass fields, so i tried beating the chapel again, saving, exiting game, then going back, but nothing, i tried this about 5 times. The strange thing is, i kept the items and levels i gained. no matter how far i get, it saves, i leave, i come back, and im back at tall grass fields. I dont know if this problem has been encountered before, but i would really appreciate if someone could help me out with my situation, oh and one more thing, if i use another character, that i have at level 1, after i get past the first level, i leave [after it saves] but i dont get a chance to leave, the game freezes up, and i have to manually shut off my xbox. So if anyone can help me with this problem, i would really appreciate it. please and thank you! and i really enjoy castle crashers, and i dont care if this isn't fix, ill probably still continue playing, yes, i do enjoy this game THAT much!HEEHEEHOOHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -=DemurerAce=- Gamertag:DemurerAce {Xbox 360 Elite 120gb (i think) no memory card things}
  2. Hey There peepz! I can help anyone with the Scepter,i have it thanks to DarkRaver, Just send me a friend request! Need help with following: -Rubber Thing Sword -Bloodstained Sword thingy If you help me ill pass it on. =] Gamertag: DemurerAce