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  1. Biki


    Does yours? I'm not seeing any in game settings for memory management.
  2. Biki


    Hmnn not seeing any save data for castle crashers. Do live arcade games normally have separate save files?
  3. Biki

    There is a problem with Playing online

    I'm having a similar/same problem, everytime I've created a game and we've tried to enter a playing area, it tells me game no longer available..
  4. Biki

    Online Booting/Crashing Problem

    I just tried running a game, we got to the map, I tried to start a level and it booted me out to the main menu. Live still connected just fine right after that so I don't think its my connection..
  5. Biki

    Crashing in my Castle Crashers?!

    Anyone else crashing when they try to create a game?
  6. Biki


    Save the data to the memory card not the Hard drive. If you accidently saved to the Hard drive, goto the dash board. Go to settings than memory. Than click ALL Goto Castle Crashers and click on Copy and copy it to your memory card Let me get what you are saying straight. You mean the Save data. I.E. Your status. Like you got the green charecter to level 99 and want to save that? Or you want the GAME data? The status, so I don't have to play any of his characters when I show up playing on his xbox, I wanna be playing my own.
  7. Biki


    Alright lemme get clear on this. Me and my friend bought it, I bought it on the XboX account that's on my memory card, so CAN I or CAN'T I take that memory card, plug it into his XboX and use said save data?
  8. Biki

    139.87 MB

    BOOYAW! 0 to 100% in under 2 minutes! *barf!*
  9. Biki

    its 12:00 .... and i dont see it

    12:30 drunken stupor hasn't worn off yet...and still no castle crashers...EEEERGH! Can't stop torturing myself with bad RCR mods! The nudist colony one's the worst...
  10. Biki


    I expect to come out of my drunken stupor half an hour before release, peace!
  11. It reminds me of my childhood...good times..
  12. Biki

    Who is that mysterious Dark Knight?

    That's DA BLACK KNIGHT!! He's shooting bolts of grape soda from his fingertips like I predicted.
  13. Biki

    Movies you just saw, rate them!~

    Everyone here needs to stop frontin' an admit that they went to go see Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. 20 stars.