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  1. I agree with SND Zag. I enjoy being ABLE to play online; being able to play and help others. It's always fun to play no matter what glitch or lag happens. I know the Behemoth team has been working very hard on it. Can't wait, but I will!
  2. What would be the title and the terms?
  3. You can't do it single player unless you've got internet.
  4. The AH knight... aka the char? Buy AH H & unlock and achievement.
  5. The deer trainer is the easiest IMO. Just follow the other dears in single player if you need help!
  6. The harder ones are by yourself only unless ya get lucky. The all you can quaff & arena.
  7. I remember customizing so much in XP, vista is full of a lot of software issues @ times. Yet, it's sleek and ATN, we share the same desktop. and jtinny I havn't played maple story in years!