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  1. I'm pretty sure he was referring to more knights to choose, not to be incorporated in co-op. They would need new individual maigcs though, otherwise they would be boring
  2. NAME: Rainbow Knight (i know that guy^ just said it, but it's not the same) WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A knight with his armour colour constantly changing between blue, green, red and orange STARTING WEAPON: Swordfish SPLASH MAGIC: Here's the cool part. When you press RT+Y, ANY of the coloured knights magics can randomly be used. He is a hybrid of all the starting knights and therefore randomizes the magics. Good if you want the game to be a little harder because you don't know what to expect. RT-B MAGIC: Same as above, but a bolt RT-A MAGIC: Same here. JUMP MAGIC: Same as B but angled Furthermore, maybe his magics all look like rainbow coloured starting knight magics, only the effects are randomized? Either that, or they actually look like the magic it randomized. Also, what do you guys think. Should his magics only randomize between the starting knights, all the characters you've unlocked or ALL characters? I would very much like to see this character, because with him, the arena would be all about skill!
  3. Cyclop, because he is so obsessed with the conehead groom, he made a robotic puppet of him. Way to groom the groom Don't spam >: (
  4. 3. Sequels have a reputation for being worse than the original (with the exception of Fable II, Gears of War 2, and Fallout 3 of course) AANNND Halflife You don't know if those will be better though^ The halo series has gotten better in a lot of aspects imo, but a lot of people disagree. Imagine how repetetive the ending would be in the sequel? *Returning to the home castle, you find a princess hiding her face* Guess what? *Clown pops up!* They would have to implenent new characters, new environments (would be the hardest part since they used about every environment available in any game) and new magics (not just new textures, but new moves too, the old ones would get old fast). The weapons would be hard to renew too, the old ones are too dominating.
  5. Actually the black mace is better than unicorn horn. It has the exact same stats, but has a critical strike chance. So next time, go with black mace. But i feel it's unnecessary to max out a skill unless you're at lava level with orange knight , then you might need a strength boost. Instead, try to even out the skills using pet boosts/abilities and the weapons. Hawkster is always great, but the yeti in ice castle is not bad either And if you use the bear club along with cat +2 agility, you even out the worst agility loss. So think smart people.
  6. ^Wow, that was off-topic. Still glad you posted it, i would never have known about it if it weren't for you! This brought me the laugh of the day, especially when the clip of the fight with the mini-trolls started rolling. Thank you!
  7. I've seen tons of topics like these, but oh well. I'm not giving my chef up! NAME: Chef WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Like the peasant but wearing a chef's hat and an apron STARTING WEAPON: Frying pan (From the already existing ones, the sausage or the steak) SPLASH MAGIC: Spills boiling oil in front of him RT-B MAGIC: Throws a cinnemon bun or a broken plate at enemies, breaking on touch. RT-A MAGIC: A pile of dishes rises from the ground, throwing him into the air (the soap could make enemies slower?) JUMP MAGIC: Throws angled cinnemon buns. NAME: Rambo WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A large-jawed, non-shaved, dirty, tanktop-wearing Sylvester Stallone. STARTING WEAPON: A jungle machete. SPLASH MAGIC: Grenade-thrower. RT-B MAGIC: Normal bullets, but big and slower than real ones or exploding arrows RT-A MAGIC: Dust jump. JUMP MAGIC: Angled bullets or arrows.
  8. Beefy farmers looks like homeless people on steroids I must say that the beefy thief looks pretty neat. Not too strange, not too unoriginal. Although he can't use his bow in beefy mode, his fingers are too fat
  9. I hope they're noticing how many people that are making threads just like these No offence, i'm sure they are glad. The "feel" of their games is top notch according to me, challenging and advanced, yet so charming. SO charming. And the humour spices the story up a little.
  10. No one knows how the rubber handle got into the game, but it did. Try asking around on the forums, there is plenty of threads offering rubber handle and king's scepter. Also, there is a laser gun called "Alien Hominid Gun" which can be obtained by exploiting a weapon glitch while using the alien hominid character. I'm sure someone is willing to share it.
  11. Well, a good tip is to go back to map whenever you have less than 5 potions. If you do, you do not have to re-kill every boss, the last boss you played will be accessable instantaneously when you get back. So if you're out of potions on necromancer, just go to map and buy some more potions.
  12. Time to post the chef! Character: Chef Magics: RT + Y: Throws boiling oil forward RT + B: Throws cinnemon buns RT + A: Jumps off a rising pile of dishes Animal orb: A fried chicken that drags all enemies attention for a few seconds. Weapon: Frying pan
  13. It's not that simple i'm afraid.
  14. I see your point, i can imagine a lot of people come here to get the weapons, then leave. I'll post in this thread when i've gotten 'em, and i'll keep posting in other threads as well. It feels easier to get them all at the same time though If i were Bill Gates, i would beat myself up. RLOD happening way too often, i've gotten it 3 times in 3 years. it's worth it though, with free repairs. Thanks penguin, do you have all the weapons?
  15. The bone saw and the flame sword are accessable in the game. Here's a link to a weapon list with locations and all. The lolipop is rumored to be DLC. Go to the weapons tab in the below link.