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  1. i only play ranked. im good so i get a lot of quitters. lame.
  2. 23/15 and still nothing. lame. i hate online achievements.
  3. ...and nothing. then i got 21 wins and also nothing. achievement glitched or what?
  4. no ive had it for a long while and never lost my data.
  5. 1: What are you trying to prove that just made you sound like a balloon. It is his idea just because other people said the same name blacksmith theirs still different could be spell down to the weapon. 2: What i heard is that the content is there it just needs to unlocked. How do you know it did not come from a modded xbox there is no other way to get it then to trade it. Most of us don't know how anything in xbox live works stop pretending you do. 3: So it,s wrong because it annoys you Gee that sure makes sence. 1. actually all the spells and weapons he has listed have been attributed to the possible dlc character of the blacksmith on these forums at least once before by different people if not exact similar enough to make them not his idea. 2. if it was already there it would be an upload into live, not a download to your harddrive. it would be ulc not dlc, i can go further into this but youre probably 12 so im not going to bother. dont assume what i dont know. 3. it annoys me because this thread has been made over and over again. why cant you guys keep all your dlc "ideas" contained to one thread? its annoying to see it posted so many times with the same things being said.
  6. its kinda like the breakable door in the lava world store that you cant break or touch for that matter. but its the same door that you break to get into the cyclops' castle.
  7. for 1. thats not really your idea, it been said many times here by many people. for 2. the dlc isnt already in the game and a modded xbox didnt cause the release of anything. thats why its called dlc because its downloadable content. for 3. post like this really annoy me.
  8. its the green mace. its there it just doesn't look quite the same when you're using it as it does when its on the wall.
  9. i have them all and they sit in their cases. i didnt buy them to play with. i may end up getting back into stop animation and doing something with them tho. in my opinion they were worth it.
  10. i use it to jump. magic jump+aa+boomerang. repeat. without throwing it.