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  1. i wanna win a tournament so i can fill my bathtub with fat chickens it would be the bath of kings
  2. What's new? A lot of new members because of BBT beta and I reached over 1,000 posts! You neglected to mention that cats are jerks. wtf that has nothing to do with anything. cats are awesome and u should respect other peoples opinions just because people like cats doesnt mean u have to hate them
  3. i have only the pink knight but i really really want the blacksmith as a figure... behemoth make it happen!
  4. silly girl, months cant fly why did the road cross the chicken?
  5. i like your idea but id also really like to see a alien hominid head or a behemoth chicken head ^^
  6. Alpacka; that was his name Beer was the drink of his choice Copper, that was his favourite metal Day and night he struggled to keep his mouth shut, for he had a terrible secret waiting to reach the world Eventually, the police caught him drunk. Fortunately for him the police werent very smart so he managed to escape
  7. cc will never die still trying to get my necromancer to lvl 99 and beat insane mode. really hard and i wouldnt exactly call myself a pro
  8. just noticed this lol joined cuz bbt is comin and behemoth is awesome