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  1. Well it did not bring my data back even thought the leaderboard says I'm a level 26. So I guess if I just start over hopefully that data will stay..... Thanks for nothing.
  2. Here's what happened to me: Bought CC on friend #1's regular Xbox 360 with my 20gb hard drive. played co-op and the other player played on a non-xbox live accounts. took the hard drive home to another regular xbox 360 and data was lost. started a new game on my live account. then tryed the xbox LIVE game custom game but no luck. although there was no data in the local game and player stats, if i went to leaderboards my true level and experience would show. however data from the non-xbox live account was still there and playable. took hard drive over to friend #1's Xbox tried trick and data was still lost. Releveled on my xbox. Took Hard Drive to friend #2's xbox arcade and new data was lost. Did the trick and got all data back. Played with three friends locally with all of them on non-xbox live accounts. next day my data was gone but all the non-xbox live accounts data remained. as of know I am back on my xbox and trick does not work. The player stats shows no data but the leaderboards show my true level and experience.