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  1. The thing is, Adobe Creative Suite CS2, CS3 and CS4 are all good. But if you're used to any of those versions and you switch to another version then you probably won't like it at all. I use CS3. All of this crap is based on opinion. ALSO: Scaler193, I think you should try to make it look rounder by making the mouth a little curved and make the eyes bigger, like someone else said. You should also think a little more about shading. That usually makes a lot of things look better.
  2. Could you post a picture of the trophy?
  3. This looks like it could be a lot better than CC and AH combined! I will definately buy it!
  4. nice avatar, you make it? Yeah, I made it using Flash . Yours is awesome too
  5. I made a Game #3 picture! I've posted it in my topic called Random Stuff, and I might as well post it here too! Anyways, this game will be epic!
  6. Domby

    Random Stuff

    Added two Game #3 pictures in first post.
  7. I like it. I LOVE it. Am I the only one who watched it 10 times in a row? (I actually counted ) I watched it at least 30 times . Can't get enough of it Also, it would be cool to have this released on Steam.
  8. I love the art style, it reminds me of Dan's Newgrounds games like Train Robber I like the idea of a level creator that looks like an option, and it also looks like theres character customization too, however I still stand by my opinion that the level design still looks too simple. At the moment its just different coloured squares that form various levels I'm expecting more shapes like curves and circles but really, I was expecting more level detail I have high hopes for this game currently though, the trailer loks to be pretty promising (providing the levels are deeper and more advanced sorry to be such a pain on the fact TB) Yeah, if they make the levels deeper and more advanced then we'll have a really great game on our hands.
  9. This is so EPIC! It looks really awesome! I think that platforming gameplay together with a level editor will make it THE BEST GAME OUT THERE! And please, don't change the art style. The characters look..... I can't describe how much I love them! I will buy this game, no matter what the cost! Also, will there be a character design contest? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with whipped cream on top? PS: Caps FTW
  10. A character design contest would be awesome. I'll join if there's going to be one.
  11. Domby

    Random Stuff

    Also, I just wanted to brag a little and say that I didn't just cut out the game #3 guys face from the picture, I drew a NEW one. Just wanted to brag a little. Thanks for the feedback.