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    your a bit on the gay side arent you? You suggesting? im suggesting your a queer
  2. CooLBeaNz


    go to "help and options" then "player options" and from there you shuld be able to change it
  3. Were you stoned and drunk when you made this topic? You make so sense.
  4. i remember someone making a topic similar where they lost sync in the tall grass field
  5. CooLBeaNz

    My first Flash

    that looks really cool, you should make more
  6. thanks for posting, ive been a little paranoid sometimes when i think i might have lost my data
  7. V2 is a lot better. nice job
  8. the skinny sword is just one of the starter weapons i think, its not super special
  9. Most DLC expansions cost money anyway, and with the money-spending holidays approaching, it wouldn't be that bad. yeah but then it would have to cost another 10 dollars or more then
  10. there should be an option to squeeze the image so it fits your screen
  11. its just an arcade game though, they cant spend a whole lot on stuff like that if theyre only selling it for $15
  12. they are the same thing, people used to call it the bloodstained sword but i think they confirmed it to be named the rubber handle sword, so thats why people call it that now
  13. yeah it would fit better if he had the helmet like the other main knights