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  1. If I could get a moment of time from the good people of behemoth forums, I am conducting a survey for a statistics class. What is your preferred method of acquiring games(Purchase online, steam, retailer, etc), current system you use to play them, how many games have you pirated in the last year?
  2. Nostalgia wise? Yes Actual substance? VOID
  3. I usually never can find anyone else who has watched Baccano! Really breaks the mold on anime if you ask me. I love anime but there are a lot of tropes and cliches in it that kinda get old after a while. Baccano! has great characters and storytelling that is unparalled. If anyone gives it a shot, i can guarentee they wont walk away disappointed in the least
  4. Fails because it cant be comprehended LEGO's
  5. Granted, but nothing good can happen with it either. I wish i was fluent in more languages.
  6. Flandre Scarlett has an epic them song thus rendering your sig epic.
  7. Thanks, it can be kinda tough to start out with, ive been using the program for 3 years now and its really a matter of being able to control the pen tool. Being able to use the pen tool with out hinderance is a big milestone for graphic arts and is often a big divider between rookie and veteran. Just be patient and stick with it and im sure you will get the hang of it eventually! An even bigger gap tho would be the hefty price tag on Illustrator, you might be able to find older versions on Ebay for cheaper but i would settle on anything older than CS3, older than that and your gonna be adding extra hassle to the learning process. If you ever have any questions feel free to PM me!
  8. Yup, i was the one who did my signature. It was all done in adobe illustrator. I just used one of my pieces of art and layered some transparent shapes over it. Here is a brief tutorial on how i do my stuff There is some more to it that i could explain if you had illustrator but that's the jist of how my work comes to be. Takes me about 2 1/2 hours to do a piece if your wondering.