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  1. Still brings a tear to my eye how active this place is all the time.
  2. Wow, what do I remember from when I joined here? Castle Crashers had just been released, so the devs and Behemoth employees were really active with the community, Kelly especially. I don't think I remember my first topic, but my most popular was certainly the Random Post Forum, which I think is still the most popular topic on the forums. I could be wrong though; it's been a long time since I've been here. Everyone was still complaining (and rightfully so) about when/if Castle Crasher's online multiplayer patch was going to arrive. The community was really, really tight-night. Pretty much everyone knew everyone else's username. I had more posts than mechazeep We had annual forum awards, and they were wonderful! Really brought everyone closer together as a community. There was some pretty crazy drama back when the community was still rapidly growing Yeah, I'm kinda blanking on everything else since I can't view my whole post history, but that's the gist. This was my first real internet forum, so this community still holds a special place in my heart. To all of the vets and users who still use this forum, and those that don't, I still love you guys! Keep on rockin', everyone.
  3. I just had a nostalgia fit when I saw your username. What happened to everyone?
  4. My sides have imploded. I'm posting this from the ICU before the doctors heavily sedate me so they can conduct sides surgery on me. Sometimes I question the effects of this forum on my physical health. Also Dexide will you be my girlfriend~
  5. Long time no post! Looks like this thread's been holding it's own just fine without me. Oh God. It's becoming self-aware.
  6. Dear lord, Fez just never ceases to impress me.
  7. My, my, my. Much change has happened since I've been out, hasn't it?
  8. If you have any delicious family recipes, please, share them! This week is now officially Behemoth Recipe Sharing Week.
  9. These things matter. Its like a life long dream. To win the Behemoth Forum Awards! Its a special night when all Behemothins wait to win there well deserved awards, competing against the best of the bunch. Its a contest that only few can win, and you will have ultimate braging rights for the rest of the up comming years. There are only like, 20 or so people that are actually active on this forum. It's like winning a class award; you cherish it for about 3 days and then stop caring until the next one.