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  1. Rjkav


    Well now you know but as i said be patient you'll have to wait a fair while yet (2-3 months) I think were all pretty sure it'll be worth the wait
  2. If you've posted 5 times just be patient isn't like you "NEED" them now? I'm sure he'll find your post eventualy.
  3. Rjkav


    There's already a pretty healthy thread about updates and ideas you should check it out. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=937
  4. Green knight, mainly because in my PERSONAL (You don't have to agree with it.) opinion his magic damage is far superior to any of the other knights. P.s Poison looks awesome made in flash
  5. Rjkav


    http://devblog.thebehemoth.com/ Yes there is, no release date no idea's of what and who are going to be in the DLC so just be patient.
  6. Magic is your friend, the splash damage from the green knight (Maxed out) was rangey (is that a word ) enough to kill the spawned mobs in 1 hit along with spanking the painterboss. Unless you're talking about insane mode then i have no idea.
  7. Wow please read the rules.. it's becoming Newgrounds all over again,the pain.
  8. Is it just me? or this a sure fire way to win easily with the red knight, keeps happening to me alot lately. Jump spell so there knocked down, then sit and hold the lightning. Seeing as it's a constant spell there's no way to dodge it. S'quite annoying. It's also annoying that there's no need to change it and changing it would destroy the red knight. Nvm
  9. Yeah i know that level makes no difference on the online arena but i think you'll find there are higher odds of a higher level person leaving than someone using a level 40 and under character, a 99 un-legit noob isn't gonna accept a loss right? CAUSE HES LIKE SO GOOD BOOMERANGNOMNOM. I just felt that i can trust the people on this forum over some idiots who can't accept a loss.
  10. awesome HAHA perfect example me "45" just took a 70 red knight out and he left? 1# It was a good fight so why not just accept the loss 2# I now don't get the win right? Sigh..
  11. Basicly, since i'm sick of seeing level 99 un-legit idiots on arena i know very few of you who actualy took time to find the website and sign up and post blah blah blah actualy have used this glitch. Soooooo, i'm not sure if this has been done before but i'm currently 45 and looking for people to arena with mainly for the achievment but for fun aswell, if anyone's intrested just add my GT "Rjkav" and we'll try organise somthing. If this thread has already been done then i appologise in advance.
  12. Rjkav


    I totaly agree 100%, this game is better than most of the high end "MULTI MILLION DOLLAR!!111" Peice's of trash that fill up the shelves. Yet you have some people complaining about the 1200 microsoft points it costed? HELL NO, it's worth every point and sadly people don't realise this due to it not being "Well known" or made by a "Established" company, it's annoying when the fact gamers will miss out on a peice of gaming gold because of there own stubborness. That said I JUST DING'D 32! and it's 2:30am here so i best get to bed. G'night all
  13. Rjkav


    Heck yes, when i first saw a video it reminded of both double dragon and Golden axe. Both amazing games. Even though this "Genre" ( Even though i personaly believe CC has it's own genre MULTIPLAYER-ONLINE-SIDE-SCROLLING-GOD-LIKE-GAME) is over used, CC pulled it off amazingly and gave it something that alot of side scrollers were missing...Passion, and lots of it.
  14. Rjkav


    I'm pretty sure there are lots of people that agree with me but this game is amazing...? I'm currently studying animation at uni and were being taught to look into games and animation and try and break it apart i guess. Personaly the visuals in this game are absolutly brilliant and it's all thanks to Dan and his unique style. It's absolutly beautiful to see "Flash" on the screen and the movement animation during and in the game are second to none. Sorry to say but i expected a sub-par beat em' up when i first saw this game and i will gladly eat my words and admit that this is up there with Streets of rage and games alike. The added detail and extra features must of been tiring so i guess i wanna congratualate Tom and Dan on creating something truely outstanding. I guess this is just a fan trying to throw a few compliments out there, so Good job guys.