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  1. Ok - it looks like maybe my 360 was going bad. I was getting weird graphics issues in gears2 and rock band - so I sent it in, and switched to my 2nd 360 and I havent had this problem again
  2. Well I did a web search and found it listed as Y X X LB RB X X This combo did the deed, and strangely I was able to play right after I did it, but then when we quit out and tried to re-start I was back to the same error message - and re -Y X X... didnt help I guess at this point Im just praying the new TU fixes it - other wise I guess Im totally hosed since deleting the game and different profiles seems to mean nothing to this error.
  3. hey guys - I couldnt get this X X LB RB X X to do anything - I tried X X RB LB X X and also the same with LT and RT.. it just shows nothing...
  4. ok - I still need to go try this - but one comment on the saved games... If its with the profile this problem I am having is very strange since I have the message even when I log in with a profile which never played CC before. Also it cant be with the game I think since I have deleted the game and re-downloaded it, and still have my saved things. I am very confused where and how this info is saved - and thus how I can move it to another xbox when needed...
  5. this is odd - I went and deleted the game and re-downloaded it. This fixed it for my son to log in and start a game twice. Then when we both tried it started failing again. So I went and tried to redownload without deleting (which hadnt worked before) and it worked.. Strange it feels very fragile. I am praying that this TU will fix this problem also - and it sounds like it should be soon.. Ill try that mainatance thing if I keep having issues - I only hope it doens t delete the saved games if it decideds they are corrupted even though they sometimes work. I still haven't figured out where they save the progress of CC - I dont see saved games in the memory tab
  6. We have recently occasionally been recieving this xbox message that our saved file is damaged or the storage removed. It dumps us out to arcade and then we just try again and it works. Tonight when we try a second time it fails in the same way. This is different than the saved game loss in that we cant start to play at all... What do I do? please tell me I can save my data!
  7. I had something very similar two Draggon Yen. I to have 2 360s at home. "Main" and "alt". I download DLC to the "main" but sometimes play on the "alt' with my liveID on a mem stick. When I downloaded CC to the 'alt' I think my problems started. Im not sure I even played on the 'alt' box at all, but when I went back to the "main" with my liveID on the memstick I had lost all data. Where are these saves anyway? There does not seem to be _any_ saved progress file for this game....