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  1. Gir

    City Destroyer

    I blew up every building in the first three levels without using all my continues. No achievement...
  2. I don't see anything wrong with it... Maybe it's just me.
  3. Are you insane I beat the game with a level 14 skeleton If you have to get get to level 25 or higher to get to full moon than that's just sad.
  4. No. Isn't the buff alien the final boss from alien hominid But the final boss in AH is smaller then a CC beefy. The final boss was just a pumped up AH, about the same size as a regular alien, though. The beefy alien in CC is alot bigger. wat
  5. I'm ready what about you two?
  6. Yeah four people! When do you wanna do this.
  7. Green knight and Brute. Soon to be Alien and Icekimo
  8. I'll help but not right now a little later. I'm stuck on weddinmg crash
  9. That one annoys me, I can never find a level to do that on. Can you guys tell me a level.
  10. Gir

    Head Chomper

    Do you have to do it in a row?
  11. How do you get that?
  12. Gir

    100% Club

    *sigh* I was eating people with the yeti for 40 mins and still no achievement Better?
  13. Gir

    100% Club

    it takes like 5-10 minutes... you only have to beat the last boss on hard not the whole game Yea, the boss wasn't even hard on hard.. and the thousand kills achievement took like five minutes. I have a life, and I got them? I was sitting there for 40 mins and i didn;t get it.