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  1. Thanks for the works when I do that. But everytime I log on the first time I have to log out and log back in, but at least I can play this awsome game! Too bad I erased all my data out of anger or I would still have my guys. Why is it doing this????
  2. I just bought CC for the xbox 360 yesterday, and this afternoon when I got home from school I went straight to play. Everything was fine. I played with a friend for a while and he told me about the Bat glitch. I did it and I didn't know it was bad until now. After a while I turned the xbox off and took a break. When I came back and entered the game ALL of my data was gone. I did this 3 or 4 times; I leveled up my guy to a level 2 and restarted the game. After all of this none of the data was still on. IT WONT SAVE AT ALL. Please!!!! How do I get this to work!! CC is a great game...but I cant play! Also I did not switch profiles or anything....but I did try do join some of my friends matches from the pause menue and character select menue if that helps. I also played on insane mode for like 5 minutes then my brother quit. I did switch xboxs though. I sent my xbox 360 in for repair. I had a loaner from Rent-a-Center...that xbox was the one I downloaded CC on. Now I have my original. I thought my xbox was bad...again!! But I read the forum and found out that it wasnt. I Deleted the CC already on my xbox and downloaded it again on my original. Still didn't work though....please help!!!