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  1. They represent values od achievements I believe. Like 10G 15G ect
  2. When someone completes all their sets can they tell me their total earned gems? I would like to do the math and upload it to the wiki at about how many total gems it would take and how often prices increase.
  3. As long as its dan doing the art, and theres coop, itll be awesome. Thats all that matters.
  4. Not sure how much I can say, but the Behemoth makes the game very easy to learn and get into, so don' t worry. You will love it.
  5. Hey guys! First off I wanna thank the behemoth for making such an awesome game! But I was wondering if you guys plan on adding any new head shapes or vendors in DLC oe an update? There are tons of heads and it will take a while to get them all, but I was just wondering if this was ever a plan?
  6. Alright, Ill search for that. Thanks Mmkay, so I found some genera dimensions for the BBT cab that they made. (Searched through old Devblog posts and found apic with blurry dimensions) So does it look like the castle crashers cab is just two of the BBT cabs put together? If so I can start pretty soon, since I will have most of the dimensions.
  7. I want to use an xbox, so i can play BBT and some other games on there. So you think that blueprints for any old cab will work? But arent those made for smaller monitors and angled kinda offset? That's just what Ive seen, but ill look around and see what i can find, thanks!
  8. Thanks, Ill look into it and see what I wanna do, thanks for the advice.
  9. Hey guys, I was watching the video of the creation of the CC Arcade Cabinet and it look so awesome! I called up some friends and we decided we would try our hand at making our own cabinet, similiar to the CC one that you guys at the Behemoth had made. I was wondering if you could give us some dimensions to help us out, since we want to do it with the TV setup, similar to yours. Any help you could offer would be EPIC! Thanks again!
  10. Well, this picture leads me to believe that there will be a frog in a top hat as a weapon... so epic....
  11. I was wondering, since I saw in the FAQs that, "The Beta will include access to some story levels and arena levels for local and online multiplayer gameplay." if we are testing local multiplayer, then will we basically be allowed to tell them about the game, since they would have already played it with us? Or would we only test the multiplayer with them, and tell them nothing else?