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  1. flareknight

    The Behemoth Brawl

    WARNINGThe image is very inappropriate I just call him stamper due to the For: Stamper thing Its called a penicorn. Watch out, inappropriate. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/499493 It was based off of this topic that Stamper of Newgrounds created. You could actually buy one off of Newgrounds's Store. It is a plushie. And its not Blockhead, its Flathead.
  2. flareknight

    You're banned!

    Banned for making a post correcting simple flaws.
  3. flareknight

    My first Flash

    Either put the eyes down or the mouth up, to keep it more stylish. This looks lots better than your gimp stuff. Good job.
  4. flareknight

    Draw A laugh (Art Forum Game!)

    New one!!! We're all so happy for you Chris! You and your arms, too!
  5. flareknight

    Need some icons, avatars, or sigs?

    Beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. Things are going slowly for this only because I am very busy on Newgrounds, as I am making a few games and a Halloween animation.
  6. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Thats funny, because I have and am. Look at the last two pages. I got animations. Yep, they are pretty cool. They're going to be in a game. Gnarly.
  7. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Cool, but what does that have to do with stuff? Just a question.
  8. flareknight

    My animal orbs

    Just search it on google and google shopping and stuff. You can get some good deals.
  9. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Definently the bule!!! and could i help make the game??? But how could you do that? What do you have to offer JK, but right now I don't need much help. Unless you have a completly 1337 knowledge of AS, or have a Flash thing that lets things be bigger without rasing the swf. size. That would be magical!
  10. flareknight

    Need some icons, avatars, or sigs?

    THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN!!!!!!!!!! I BRING YOU.... THE CRASHER OF WAR!!!! Yep, I'm back to doing fan art. So here I am. Now its time to make out with your computer screens!
  11. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Time to show my next character! He is the water knight. The behemoth should've had one. Anyway, he is cool, although I'm not sure about the colors. I showed two color schemes, which do you like? You can also suggest others. By color schemes I mean armor.
  12. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    lol we only started it last week i think but just for u it will be CRAZY AWESOME That last emotion is the one I felt when my pants dropped. JK!!! Yeh, cool. We will make it good for everyone KTHNXBAI.
  13. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Yeah I did. And thank you. The other character won't take much time as well, because I just have to swap movieclips. Booyah!
  14. flareknight

    Me in peasant form

    Hey Munz. In case you didn't know, he joined the castle crashers collab which I made on newgrounds. Also, in case you didn't see, which you haven't, I finished my peasant animations. In the game, you won't jump. That is almost impossible to do in Flash. I've seen someone try, and it sucked. http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/280908/ ... tstuff.php Here you go.
  15. flareknight

    My red princess.

    Great. What did you use for it? Anyway, nice work.