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  1. Hi guys sorry been away awhile have been stupidly busy at work. I have got hold of a barbarian figure so will try and knock something together soon.
  2. I got free time on sunday, so will try to get something up by the end of sunday.
  3. Very funny. You could have the chicken look at the reader like the behemoth logo splash screen, when you start AH or CC, then have the achievement pop up.
  4. I'm gonna try and redo the fire one and I have also done sketches for a barbarian one too. Hopefully be able to get something up this week. I to have been very busy.
  5. When I heard of DLC my first thought was the Blacksmith would be used some how. This adds alot of fuel to the fire. nice spot. If behemoth did a poll on an extra character to be in the DLC *WINK WINK* my vote would go Blacksmith followed by the nurse.
  6. The Akuma of Castle Crashers
  7. It could be in two halfs The backdrop and left and right sides connected then the front seperate. by putting tabs on the left and right sides they could be glued to the front side. I think that would work.
  8. Thats great what would his magic powers be? Love the Pea shield
  9. No problem I enjoyed doing it. I'll have a go at doing more if you want. Did it fit ok? Would you prefer the border went all the way round and had a background that covered the whole of the back panel? Could you (Nakamaru or anyone else) use a piece of paper and cut it out to fit inside the box then tell me the measurements (In centimetres please) for this shape. [attachment=0]CC_example.jpg[/attachment] Sketch is rough but the top picture is what I envisage, a border with a background wallpaper. Bottom pictures the shape i need the measurements
  10. I could do like a crowd of barbarians like the boss fight. if people are interested.
  11. damn I always have problems uploading stuff. ummm ok can you see the attachment? [attachment=0]CC_flames_sample.jpg[/attachment] EDIT - WARNING the attachment had to be scaled down so I could actually attached it so I don't think they will be to scale like the photobucket ones(Blimey alot of the word attach)
  12. Hi Blitzed out a border of flames for the orange knight. It's a bit rough as it is a mock up. I cannot test it out as Idon't have any of the figures (yet). So if someone could try it put that would be great. The border is about 2 and a bit inches high and about 10 inches long so will have to be trimmed to fit. I have made a reverse image so you could print out both stick them to a piece of card either side. Would love to see a photo of it in the display. If it works I'll make a better one and maybe more for the other knights. http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo33 ... flames.jpg http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo33 ... es_Rev.jpg
  13. Pixels FTW!! great work how long did it take you? also love the avatar. In response to the DS suggestion there is a really good game called 'The World ends with you' where you use the stylus to move and attack, strange controls to start with but with practise are really good.
  14. what are the dimensions of the case?