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  1. Hey guys, i'm back! Sorry if i've been gone for some long, but i've been busy. WolfHound Studios is a lot of work, and i've finally made progress XD I'm writing a book now, and i write with i think a unique style. One thing i do is i make chapters differently, i simply create small chapters that i write in a writing session (wich can range from a mere hour to a few days), so i generally have a lot of small chapters instead of a few huge ones. Anywho, i would like some opinions. Im posting links to chapters 1-3 on here. Thanks people! Chapter one: Chapter two: Chapter three:
  2. To me it looks like they yoinked the enimies from the old (and i mean REALLY old, like, all the way from the original and Adventure of Link to that one where you had to wake that damned fish up) and completely overhauled them. I like it. Honestly, TP ans SS look great, just in different ways. Kinda like comparing Borderlands with Fallout 3. Both beautiful, great games but Fallout 3 is darker and deeper while Borderlands is more of a treat to the eyes.
  3. Honestly, i don't like the looks of the released pokemon so far. They look dumb and unproportional to a ridiculous degree. They try to make them too "cute" is what it seems to me. Yeah yeah, i know, they are never realistic, but they used to be believable. Now there just slapped together pieces of crap, like they make a name and sketch a pokemon to fit it in a few minutes, hit it with type-related colors and BOOM! there you go, a brand new pokemon. The one thing i do like though is how the sprites move during the battle instead of being static, and how the animations might change during certain scenarios (taking damage, low health, poison). But unless they release some interesting Pokemon, i will pass on this one.
  4. Yeah they are. And i have some guns that you might like.
  5. What im doing. Where building up, and i have a good bit of people on my team. We can wait years if we have to. I've virtually brest-fed WolfHound Studios to its current state and im determined to parent this thing to its full potential. Already taking appropriate business, animation, camera-work, and scriptwriting classes.
  6. Ive been looking at a few, but there's always room for competition. Where looking at the people who did Last of the Dashkin, Fallen Angel Trailer, and Shoo Fly
  7. Yeah, i know. I just wanted to discuss this one-on-one. But now that you said it, yeah, you gotta sign a contract
  8. Hey people! WolfHound Studios is in search of an animator! We need someone capable of handling a unique anime/realism style, and be able to hand many moving people on screen at once. He/She needs to be able to animate fights where the movement speed of characters can reach extreme levels. He/She also needs to be able to stick it out the entire series, wich could take a few years to finish airing. The goal is to get this show on adult swim. If we succeed, the animator must sign a contract. Of course, if (and ONLY if) we get on Adult Swim, the animator will be paid.
  9. I want forge to be jacked up. Maybe far-cry style
  10. Link from LoZ And Brick from Borderlands And Sheogorath from Oblivion
  11. i hear you dont feel like a big daddy, besides a few big guns. Like that you dont feel all big and powerful.
  12. Then Me, Babbity, Gunslinger, and Killlingyouguy unite to take you down!!!!