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    Yup. The ultimate show of pure, raw, unfiltered merchandising.
  2. it looks pretty good. But i think Borderlands, even though it is not an MMO, set the standard for multiplayer gun-based post apacolypse shoot-em-up testosterone fueled co-op games.
  3. It makes your bullet penetrate much better. And lose less damage when it does penetrate.
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    A colorblind artist? You, my man, are striving to overcome what would stop anyone else. You deserve aplause. And your art is good, better than most people with normal vision. For that, you deserve the aplause of everyone. Good job.
  5. Yes, it is. Because since it came out, NO ONE on my friends list but you, nature, and feedle has played anything else for more than an hour. aint that the truth
  6. The look on the bouncers face when he is helping Eddie get to the sub-woofer wall thingy is priceless. "im helping" XD
  7. GT: Mr Nature72 LVL 50 Brick, specializes in SMGs, Shotguns, and Rockets, but can use any weapon. Im a Heavy Weapons Tank, with over 1800 HP and way over 3000 shields. Beat every NON-DLC quest, most DLC quests, owns the most powerful, legit shotgun ever seen (330X12), a massive SMG (160 something with over 90 accuracy and 16 firerate) and a super rocket (over 2000 damage with Airburst Rockets) and has a massive gun collection. Rarely NEEDS to be revived (I can get myself up, damnit) and when he gets a kill, big Perk combo: 50% Dmg resistance 50% Damage with all guns 60% faster fire rate 10 rockets recharged per minute. I can WRECK anything.
  8. Im in for the Borderlands team!!! And TF2!!! And ill build the Halo 3 maps!!! And im in for L4D 2!!!
  9. the ending to Brink of Destruction i have planned. Youll never see it coming.
  10. Dont forget how they injected with with a 55 gallon barrel of balloon whupin and fed it raw testosterone.
  11. Just The Ballad of Gay Tony. Thats where most of the Family Wars will take place
  12. 360, and expansions if you whant to participate in most of the wars
  13. Oh, haha. Well dangit i almost have a full family after i update my list! Cmon, lets get some more people in here!
  14. Tried the demo, fell in love with it. Hot girl? Yes, but we have all seen this before... Badass Hot Girl? Now, thats new, kinda Badass Hot Girl with guns on her heals and sick powers? Holy poop!!! Not to mention the difficulty is BEAUTIFUL. Combos feel smooth, and you feel so epic. And some things are amazing! Shoving an angel into a spiky casket? Straddling and angel and spanking her firing a round into her rear every time? Gigantic high heel boots out of NOWHERE? Damn, this is a beautiful game. And hopefully not too many people will buy it just to sit there and tap the taunt button... ok, i did that a few times, but i DID play the game
  15. Hello, Im trying to get together a group of people to play GTA IV together and to play it in a very, very special way. Theres for teams, or "Familys". Each Family owns an Island, and also has a Godfather. Here are the rules. Winning: Kill the other teams Godfather, simple as that. Hunt him down, bomb him, snipe him, gun him down with LMGs i don't care. The only hard part? In this mode, blips dont show up unless there shooting or VERY far away. Cunning, a good eye, and predator like skills are needed to hunt down a Godfather. Teams: Each team consists of 16 people. 15 family members, and one Godfather. Oh, and the Godfather also can decide when he wants to wage a war. Rules: 1. NO usage of the Subway. It's asking for never-ending matches... 2. No parachute glitching... 3. Before the game, all 16 players will vote seperately to wich expansion to play by. 4. To participate, you must have GTA IV, and atleast TBoGT. To be a Godfather, you need TLAD also. 5. Dont abuse the rockets in Buzzards... 6. Every team will be assigned one free Armored Car. Use it to penetrate the enemy defenses? Carry your Godfather in a mobile fortress? It's up to you. 7. Cops are ON! 8. Spawning will take place on a neutral island. 9. Only 7 Family Members per game, and the 8th player MUST be the Godfather. 10. There will be a vote wether to play TBoGT or regular, and TLAD if everyone has it. to join, please just >>MESSAGE<< me. Choose one of the classes below. They dont change how you will play, it just states your skills that you like so you can boast. Assasin-Pistols and knives specialists. Gets a kick out of hearing people rage when he runs up behind then and knives them out of balance before cappin' em with a nice steady headshot with the .44 Automag. Favors Motorcycles and low-lying cars Heavy Weapons- MGs, Sticky Bombs, Grenade Launchers, Rockets... if it blows up, he can blow it up. That kinda guy who finds a way to screw up the enemys plan with a bang. Big vehicles are also great. Spy- Don't get him confused with the Assasin, the spy is a whole other category. Sure, he's alright at takedowns, but when it comes to finding enemy positions, spotting Godfathers, and traking there movements, this is the right man to come to. Favors stealthy sports cars and bikes. Soldier- If it shoots, he can shoot it... and good. The Bread-N-Butter unit, but dont think of him as measely cannon fodder, hes a worthy apponent. In normal fighting distance, he rules with his all-around skill with just about every gun. Often favors civilian and sports cars. Defender- A Godfather's best friend! This man, who specializes in the LMG and Shotgun, with a knack ussually with rockets, will sacrifice himself for the team by throwing every last bit of his huge reserve of skill in front of the Godfather to keep him alive... Driver- Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles... if it has weels, he can get you anywhere! A skilled driver, you don't have to worry about him screwing you over with a flipped car and 5 stars! Pilot- Drivers? They dominate the ground. But pilots don't need no roads! Buzzards, Blackhawks, Annihilators, and that other thing with no guns (bleh). There all cakewalk to the pilot. Sniper-An assasin that prefers the safety of rooftops, and the long range stopping power of Sniper Rifles. Although slightly weak in close quarter cities, Snipers own the open field of more rural and industrial areas with an iron fist (and exploding bullets) Berserker- A man with anger, determination, and a brutal drive to smash, ram, and destroy everything. Sometimes a danger to his own team though, he is often asked to go solo, in front of everyone else. Favors truck ramming, and spray-n-pray tactics. Also enjoys suicide bombing High Value Targets! Saboteur- Another stealth based unit, this man is a infiltration master. Goes in, steals cars, copters, and boats. Has a knack for driving motorcycles, and gets a good kick out of speed-rigging enemy vehicles with Sticky Bombs while there in it. Great for keeping an oponent powerless. Guardian- A home based unit, they guard there Island with upmost ferocity... in the shadows. Like a guardian angel, they swoop in with fast cars, and spray enemies with SMG's before dissapearing. Or taking heavy cover and stopping the enemy advance with LMG and Rocket fire. Also great at laying traps. This unit is the ultimate all-around defense unit. Survivalist, Stealthy, Cunning, and Land Smart, he can handle attackers. On another island though... hes a fish outa water! Choose your class, and make a request to join. If you whant to be a Godfather, include WHY you whant and why you would be a good one. TEAMS: Alderney Team: GODFATHER: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bohan Team: Godfather: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Algonquin Team: Kalashmikov Family Godfather: MrNature72 - Richapocolypse-Assasin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dukes/Broker Team: Godfather: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Feel free to post opinions, ideas, and other whatnot. And to talk trash to other Familys! Mercenaries: Mercenaries are un-hired family members who lack a family due to the fact they didnt choose an Island or Family. They can be claimed by any Godfather of any Island. Mercenaries: -Scarabix-Berserker - - - -
  16. Completely legit 33,000 (give or take the numbers that go in the 3 zeros) times 6 rocket that spawns more rockets at around a 10 per second rate with regarging 16 rocket recharge rate. Yes i have modded guns, but this one is legit.