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  1. I beat Mr. Nature's level 50 Brick with my level 15 or so Lilith with that thing. Is it just me or is every other weapon useless against it? Only cuz he launches me Im basically resistent to all weapons.
  2. Ya im lvl 50 Brick Tank Blaster. Once you beat the game once, you can go through it again with harder enimies, bigger money drops, and for valuable loot, and better guns. Ill help you mow through it if you ever need it. My GT is: Mr Nature72
  3. Oh god, Playthrough 2 lvl 51 Mothrakk is a pain in the BUT!!!!!!!!!
  4. Welcome to Humanity, and the Insanity that it contains...
  5. "I have the sudden urge to kill you because your different" "But that would be wrong!" "'wrong' is one of those concepts that depend on witnesses"
  6. So your saying MW2 with Atari graphics would be fun?
  7. I have officially found weapons of god! A rocket launcher that when you shoot a rocket... that rocket spawns MORE rockets! And a lot of em too! A sniper... SHOTGUN!!!! OOH-YA! A 250X7 revovler MAGNUM! I R SPESHUL!
  8. How about i amaze you guys with my LVL.50 Berskerker. Heres his HP stats and equipment perks: 2359 Shields/ 182 Recharge (Atlas ATL-SSOXC Impenetrable Grounded W/1439 shields) 2171 Health Heres all main current weapons: -SPR50 Hunter's Striker- Type: Shotgun Dmg:292x7 Accuracy:72.9 FireRate:0.4 Element: NONE Ammo:2 RarityColor:Yellow "Sniper Rifles are for Chumps" -HX 2 Combustion Hellfire- Type:SMG Dmg:130 Accuracy:78.7 FireRate:12.5 Element:4xFire Ammo:28 RarityColor:Yellow "We dont need no water..." -BR 15 XX Terrible Matador- Type:Shotgun Dmg:330x12 Accuracy:33.3 FireRate:0.5 Element:NONE Ammo:2 RarityColor:Blue Lets just say this baby can one hit ME! -RWL20 Devastating Destructor - Type:Rocket! Dmg:1817 Accuracy:88.8 FireRate:1.1 Element:NONE RarityColor:Green Simply my rocket of amazing shenanigans -KLR10 Pearl Justice- Type:Revolver Dmg:843 Accuracy:96.4 FireRate:1.0 Element:NONE Ammo:2 RarityColor:Purple My REVOLVER of amazing shenanigans -KKR30 Desert Anarchy- Type:SMG Dmg:125x4 (auto shotty lawl) Accuracy:30.3 FireRate:6.9 Element:NONE Ammo:54 RarityColor:Purple My SMG-Shotgun....thing -AR30 Glorious Havok- Type:Combat Rifle Dmg:226 Accuracy:68 FireRate:11.4 Element:NONE Ammo:36 RarityColor:Blue I personally dont use this much for some reason... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im basically a walking tank. I have a LOT more... special guns that are really rare, but youd have to see for yourself. Add me: Mr Nature72 LVL.50 WOO!
  9. I thought it was "Ich werde durch meine Blumen treppen." Ah well, i still think germany is awesome, but since you live there youd probably think america is awesome even though its blandish to me cuz i live here.
  10. ...AND ITS IN MY LOCKER GOD DANGIT!!! Sorry guys, but no phrase
  11. That sucks. Down here in this American World of bad governments and poopy gas prices, we get some little stuff called EPIC GAMING! I think the Uncut version is the only uncut version down here. BTW, german is awesome! I learned how to say "Im going to prance through my field of pretty flowers" in german and it sounds SO BADASS!
  12. What? Like no epic headshots in cut version?
  13. So i can always remember the curse of living down in this state of north carolina
  14. Whats that difference there in them games? Wow... did i really just naturally type that? What i get for living in North Carolina...
  15. ...Pee, cuz i can flavor that! WARNING: ADULT CONTENT
  16. Oh Chromatic, you lucky, lucky little boy. JK, congratz.
  17. Ive spent over 500 hours on fallout 3...
  18. I dunno about you guys, but we curse about everything down where i live. The trick is timing. Random cursing=Unfunny. Well timed F-Bombs=Hilarious
  19. Fish, because i love sashimi!!! Would you rather be a virgin forever never having any luck with women (OR) Have uber-awesome luck with women ONLY AFTER getting laid by your MOTHER in a party you were DRUNK AT
  20. Definetally game prices. Because floors, cans, and girlfriends are NOT made by microsoft. Would you rather give up your girlfriend OR give up your entire game, electronics, and magazine collection.
  21. I Want to be simply called Caleb. I want to have total psycic control over the "4 greek elements" and over the land around me. I want to basically be the superior psycic being, capable of generation of non-living items and mind-control over weak beings. And i also have an army known as "The Resistance", who oppose government forces that are considered tyrants. Im only moderately muscular, just a tad though. I am only slightly tanned. But my powers increase my streangth, and i have heightened sences, im winged with Draconic style wings, and i have superior psycic abilities. I also have solid blue eyes My army consists primarily of psycics.
  22. As you walk into the building you noticed three Hunds...but, as you prepare for a quick headshot, a giant Thrasher busts through the far wall, crushing the hunds in its hungry rampage towards you. Quick! Thrashers arent friendly yaknow!