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  1. BLOODY BRILLIANT! The truth about the BLU team The heavy is king of sandvich!
  2. Whats my purpose in the feeble, unstable world?
  3. When will my fetish for large explosive and lead-hurling weapons be usefull?
  4. Command & Conquer: Renegade
  5. Why not The Behemoths 3rd Game? That way it would still be game #3 somewhat but still be understandable
  6. I come out of nowhere with my minigun and go on a rampage, firing nitrogen-coated shells everywhere! The room is freezing!
  7. Do i have to repeat? I am also aloud to call in "special infected" as i am helping out with this game in order to keep in running more often and keep the flow of gameplay into it.
  8. In the middle of the fight there is a loud noise above head. SMASH! Mr.Nature uses his awesome-powers to smash the rooms roof down, revealing a surrounding city! As everyone scatters, he grabs the minigun, and MATERIALIZES AMMO! And then he begins doind what your supposed to do with a minigun... ...POINT AND CLICK! BWAHAHAHAHA! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOW! The entire city of NY has now been opened for play thanks to an inconvinient intrusion by Mr.Nature! Who also convienently has! ya, lets go with that XD
  9. I should be a tester because i am a major critic. I enjoy completing games fully and then searching them out for every single pro/con aspect of the game. I record almost all glitche's and exploits, and i take note of hard, easy, and well ballanced/unballenced degrees of a game. I could relay this information to you and you could from there modify the game to correct problems and enhance already good aspects, and then run it through me again, so i can do my scoping process again, and report things to you, rince-wash-repeat rinse-wash-repeat, and eventually an almost flawless fun to play game comes out.
  10. Weapons please! Mr.Nature72 And could is there anywhere with explosives that i need a pass to get to? If so, hook me up with one ol' chap. Thanks!
  11. A Seargent and 2 Soldiers are spotted near the APC! Take cover! There armed, and the government considers anyone who was not in a government containment & decontaminated Vault or Safehouse to be traced with the desease or infected! They will SHOOT ON SIGHT! Take care of them before they call for backup! Enemies: Seargent: 30 HP (9 dmg per hit) Soldier: 15 HP (13 dmg per hit) Soldier: 15 HP (13 dmg per hit)
  12. Granted, but your the janitor who has to handle cleaning up that dragon they have in the basements doo-doo. I wish i knew my fate.
  13. I WANTZ TO ENTER! Name: Caleb Subject #: X-1702
  14. Actually, that should have split his skull open causing the insides of his cranium to fly everywhere. But your drawing works i gues....
  15. Banned because the girl i like just taught me a life lesson without meaning to!