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  1. You deserve to be shoved into a corner and beat up with a blunt stick! But then id get blamed and a bunch of FBI agents come after me and...ya. So how about i do like the rest and just agree with you? RIGHT ON DANNY BOEY!
  2. for EXTRA points you can do the result of us stepping into the same room for some extra credit XD lol.
  3. No. You can make any amount of the names you whant, just 1 entry per name. IE: You could do me, KYG, and Guru but only enter one pic for each.
  4. Can we stay on topic? Im good friends with babbity, and im not going to make any more changes until the next challenge. So....can we get some artists working on their impressions?
  5. Good point now that i think about it...edited
  6. I had around 20-30 people but i did the first 10 who popped into my head. Ill be sure to do more later, but didnt want TOO many entries.
  7. Ugh....that cake was good but now im fat.... And now i have to pee but im to lazy to get up after all that cake even now!
  8. Heres your first request: Make a magic man! Expect me to ask for a lot of requests, i like your art.
  9. I always thought drawing up impressions was fun, so i decided to make it a challenge! Alright, im going to give you the name of 10 famous/popular people on these forums. by simply seeing what they posted, how they acted, and their name, i whant you to draw what comes to your head. There will be 10 winners, one for each name. Ill be sure to get some sort of prize, but not quiet sure yet. Wont be much, but it will allow bragging rights XD. Alright heres your names: Killlingyouguy Mr.Nature72 Kelly The Mad Fiddler CastleCrashingGuru The Lurker Uncle0wnage Babbity_Rabbity El_Mustachio Comp0 You can enter more than one drawing and you can do more than one name. Please post the picture on the thread, and the name of who its after. And, just in case i miss someone, it may be good to PM it to me also. Ill choose the winners after i get a satisfactory amount of pics of each.
  10. Whatevers playing from the track of the game im playing at the moment...wich is the bajo-kazooie Nuts and Bolts garage theme XD lol
  11. I whant a drawing of what you think Mr.Nature would look like in your head (NO PENISES THOUGH!!!)
  12. I meant i have a Wolfhound Studios alt for this forum
  13. The only alt i have is the Wolfhound Studios alternate account, and that one i discussed with Kelly, so im clean!!
  14. Facepalm to Naruto: I dont whant anime or manga, but i know this: Ninjas dont wear orage jumpsuits
  15. Banned because i whant to ban you.
  16. I sleep untill 6 in the afternoon, sometimes up to 9 in the afternoon
  17. Banned because your a vampire and not some other creature like a demon or dragon
  18. Mr.N gives you a badge of awesome for your artwork.
  19. Banned because you lost your shurikan
  20. ....DAN STYLE ONLINE FPS!?!?!?!? .... awesomenes:200% !)(@($)#*%*#^$%&(&%UU$*&%(&((%!*!(#$*%(*$#!%(&$(%&($(%&%!(OVERLOAD#*$!&*&)&%(&$@(&%(&@#WARNING(*#&*R&*&(**$&*(&*@#$&TOO MUCH AWESOME!!*@(*$(@*($!(($&(@&$(!($&(!W@#Y$(&@($(*
  21. This man in the armor, he is simply working in the military for his nation, just getting paid and keeping his family running. During an assault on a foreign camp, they found no-one at the camp, only to learn that they had raided the city. The man (well call him Guy for now) learned that his fami;y was dead. To make things worse, the people at the camp had set it up beutifully to make it seem like he was to blame. He was chased out of this city, with only a few gold, and his armor and weapon of choice: Ferlet's Blade, a sword given to him by his grandfather. He is now on a mission for revenge, but in the process, he learns that his family was killed to get his attention, and as he meets the people who did he, he learns that his destiny is to work alongside them. He discovers himself to be gifted with the soul of the Golden-Moon Dragon. He learns that these people simply did what they did to get him to find them, and then learns that they are fighting to free the world from a darkness that arose from the center of the earth itself. He fights his way through many lands, searching for an entrance to the center of the earth. He finds it, and then heads to the heart of the enemy, only to give his life in a fight to kill the Queen Gillju (the badguys). As he travels through time and space to heaven, he sees everything he has gone through, and is given a second chance in it all. He, his family, his wife and kids are returned to the earth, alive and well, and he settles down and keeps his story quite. Only the people of Tryjo (those guys who fought with Guy). Thats all he needs, as he has everything he whants: A family, a legend, and someone to carry it on: His son Hertyll (obvious sequel set up eh?) Hope you like it, Den. I got other ideas, just PM me and tell me what your looking for, and ill create something epic. I can also write the lines for the story, and find music as i have deals with some of the best musicians on newgrounds.