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  1. It would hurt, but it would be worth it.
  2. You are a horrible person and a bad friend. I hope I never meet you in person, although from the turn coat you seem to be, I don't think I could stand your presence regardless. What is your deal? Why wouldn't you try and help him? When I found out about the truth about 256's, I told (the very first CC friend I made, who was 256) and tried to help him delete and remove everything. Most people don't realize the problem with 256's because they are just casual CC players, not hard core CC lovers who spend months living in their own CC world. Now he has no more 256's, regardless of the leaderboard but that just needs a wipe. Seriously, I think you are the worst kind of person imaginable. EDIT: Besides a rapist.... those people are the absolute worst... EDIT: In fact, I am going to send him a message and direct him to this page so he knows it was you, who befriended him, then ratted him out without trying to help him. DUDE!!! HE SAIS HE WAS ****** SORRY!!!! He feels guilty for it!!!!! How DARE YOU SAY THAT TO SOMEONE WHO TOOK ALOT OF GUTS TO SPEAK OUT AND SAY SOMTHING THAT WAS OUT OF PLACE!!! AND WHAT IF HE DID TRY TO HELP HIM??? HUH?? WHAT WOULD YOU SAY THEN!!?? I am truly sorry guys, but YOU make ME sick! Absolutelly. Lets say you had a friend who wanted to destroy the world? Would you sit there and "console" him or just end his tyranny?
  3. I am a master demoman. Sentry guns, heavys, and anything that can go boom fear me! ka-BOOM!!!
  4. Good to be back! The forums are starting to become its old self again, only with a surpriseingly new sheen to it.
  5. She had to deal with Killingyouguy. She defeated Killingyouguy. In my books, thats a pretty big thing to do. Thanks for keeping this forum up and rolling.
  6. I know most vets of this forum remember me, and this time i plan to stay a while. GOOD TO BE BACK "Yawn" stretches out on a couch i found in kelly's office while watching a tv i found in dans. Hurray for taking advantage of people lol!
  7. Id be able to solve every single one of these problems in my head... ...but its late summer break. Ive forgotten everything, im talking in grunts when i dont try to, and all i do is game, sleep, and eat.
  8. Some special title ideas- Troll: For a troll, of course Forum Guardian: For those people who arent quite mods but still do their best to keep the forums in-line Veteran: For someone who is a Elder Chicken and has been on for 1-2+ years
  9. Ya, and now that im in this game with Droideka, i can make sure the horde of specials keeps rolling (although no more expireminting for me XD).
  10. ...oops? Alright, ill step back. Ill only start up random events again once you give he the thumbs up. Thanks for straightening me out.
  11. You loot him, and discover $50, a Desert Eagle, and a Large Health Kit. oh, and i would reccomend running, your gunshot will attract unwanted atention.
  12. He seems to be growing into more of a zombie. Choose! Quickly!
  13. He can join, but he cant do anything until he does. Now, due to the absence of Xtr, the partial-infected shambles over to Roy-G-Biv. What do you do?
  14. 1. Your not in this game, and you cant just insta-kill a fellow player. 2. This is Xtr's random event, its up to him.
  15. A partially infected human in the proccess of becoming a zombie shambles up to Xtr. He realizes his destiny is to become a zombie. He asks you to shoot him. Choose now...
  16. BTW: Ive added some random events. Youll learn about them over time.
  17. "Well, its agreed, we go to the port", i say, "lets go." In a group, we all head to the port... ...we step in, listening to the pounding and echo of our own footsteps.... ....SWISH! 2 Thrashers begin running towards us! And to our left and right we notice shamblers in the distance, just waking up and began moving towards us, theres around 10 of them, but there at a greater distance than the thrashers.... ....crap!
  18. Oh, and im in this game now! HUZZAH! For now, im not going to give me much special stuff, just Mr.Nature's Personal Laser Rifle, wich deos 15-20 dmg but never misses, heavy armor, and +50 health (lol). Sure, just so you dont die, im in! (oh, and im equipped with teh "Programmer Module" lol, just like all people who control special zombies are). Anyone else coming along?
  19. One more notice. no just saying: Go to this city and grab this and book it! You have to make note to enter the city, fight of "you controlled" hordes untill we let you advance. you can always retreat though.
  20. Yup. And sorry about Marko City. heres its stats: Infection Lvl: HIGH Intact Mall Science Lab Intact Bank Intact Gang-house
  21. WHOS READY FOR THE MAP... ...well TOO BAD! Just kidding, you cant have the whole map, but heres the Mandarin Region Detail Map. Right now, you cant explore beyond the mandarin region (or prepare to be raped by 750 shamblers). release of new content in this map: SURVIVORS! One city is populated (lightly, only around 25 people), and the other one has a garrissoned port (around 12 people). Then theres citys, small towns, ect. Although, if you travel to a town, prepare for war. Survivors will become hostile if they whant your stuff, theres much more infected of all types, and there is no law. Please, for your own safety, travel in teams! NOTE: The Boss can remove this at any time he whants. Im just a team member and help keep this thang rollin! oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO THE MILITARY BASE OR INSTANT DEATH! you have been warned...theres something...not nice there....hehe MANDARIN REGION DETAIL MAP!