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  1. Haha, oh wow. The fact you said that you aren't a fanboy yet said the PS3 sucks must make you one, because you seem to not have a reason for hating the PS3. Inb4 "Youer a tema fortress 2 fanboy killingyouguy lol". Fanboys only play one game and console religiously and refuse to hear anybody's opinion on any game but the ones that they like. Sure I may like TF2, but I'm open for other games.
  2. I want to play some Castle Crashers; if I were online with people I might actually play it.
  3. Now lock it! Into shape Shape it up Get straight Go forward Move ahead Try to detect it Its not too late To lock it! Lock it good!
  4. And the fact that there are characters in Castle Crashers must be a hint also! :V
  5. Find an image on the internet and use said image.
  6. So what do we do when fighting the Necromancer as the Necromancer? Because I'd be pretty friggin' confused.