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  1. I beat all the modes but I can't find the patience to do that good job.
  2. Banned for using an electronic device
  3. A dragon, I get to fly Would you rather be a battleblock theater block or a minecraft block. It's relavent to life trust me.
  4. I believe I said no argument can change the truth. So who gave u permission to speak. Nah I'm kidding i value your oppinion .
  5. My plans are coming together . Soon my true power will come and my true form will surface. Lol
  6. It's the fencer, no arguments can prove me wrong
  7. Battle block looks fun and I am looking forward to it. But I agree that a CC2 would be awesome. It's a great game but it can be improved greatly. CC2 could build greatly on the combat side. Since behemoth know about the air combos they could focus on them and make different variations of them. Plus make the arena more fair by allowing the guy to escaped after being comboed. It could be mlg status. But what do I know I'm just a muffin lol.
  8. Sucks I wanted to win it. I'm undefeated on ps3 so I think I would do great .
  9. Banned for not realizing it was binary code.
  10. Banned for being a turkey in January. And true banned for having a different name than true213 on xboxlive.