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  1. My son's lvl 38 red knight swapped over to my daughters account, and her lvl 7 red knight is now on her account. She has Live gold, he does not have an account right now. this machine is game central for my nieborhood, with 18 gamer profiles. Some are Live, some are not. I don't have much information on this glitch, other than many different people were playing CC that day. I don't think he played his red knight any during that time.
  2. My son and daughter have both experienced the data loss with weapons, orbs. the game was bought on my account. My daughter has a gold account, but hasn't played on Live. Son doesnot have Live. We have multiple gold accounts on this machine with nieghbors and such. I have not experienced this yet, fingers crossed Now here is the wierdest bug yet. my sons lvl 38 red knight traded places with my daughters lvl 7 red knight. the only difference is that now the 38 knight is not tagged as finishing the game.