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  1. Really Appreciate. If I can have the Rubber Handle, trade for King Scepter or AH Gun have them Both! Thanks Again! GT= Vegas Assasin P.S.- Send me a Message then Invite!
  2. The guy at the Weapon frog!
  3. Please really Need this Weapon! Willing to Trade AH Gun, and King Scepter! Thanks So Much! And.... Happy Halloween! GT= Vegas Assasin
  4. The lobster, wrench, and that wep in the begging of industrial castle.
  5. Ill send you a Message! And I really appreciate if I could have the Rubber Handle. Thanks so Much!
  6. Congrats on beating the game! Have fun unlocking a Whole bunch of characters!
  7. The Chainsaw is a possible DLC Weapon. And I would really appreciate if any can lend me the rubber handle, ill trade for the king scepter! Thnaks so much! GT- Vegas Assasin
  8. Ill do it with You. GT- Vegas Assasin
  9. I Voted! But I Have to say never saw it Before and would like to get but I Think its a Plunger? Is that True
  10. I Mite Join? But what is with those Smilies.... There's to MUCH!