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  1. I Think the CD Reading part or sth is to old for the new games , i got one of the first Xbox 360's X_x great now i have to play 100 just to get that crap on the newest version
  2. I Think the Fat Kid looks awesome Seriously , you just need the Right tool's do draw with If you use Paint then it will be quite hard to draw sth really good , if you use photoshop it's just as easy as eating
  3. you could also ask somebody who downloaded it Illegal and give it to you xD
  4. Hey guys I got an Awesome Idea! well .. i think so xD Everybody wants Game 3 Sooooo badly to come out yeah ?! Well .. why dont we make a Poll which character we should take , and then The Behemoth are programming the character into CC ?! With his own Special Magic :D You could be able to play a character from Game 3 with some special magic and it would be sooo cool :D What do you think ?
  5. Hey guys , I got a problem , when i play games like CC or AH HD which are on my Harddrive then there is no problem , but if i want to play games which are cd's the Xbox 360 just shut's down with a half ring of death ... whats the problem ? i just cant repair it -.-"""
  6. Hey guys , I played CC yesterday and on the boat with all the ninjas I saw that they're transforming in a piece of wood when you hit them and then come out of the air hitting you O.o I forgott all about this i already wanted to ask this once , Can you do this trick with the real ninja you can play too?
  7. Hey guys I gotta problem , i'm living in germany and when i say Quick game i just get german gamers .. but EVERYBODY has got 256 or -1 people! X_x i'm getting crazy .. i want to play the story through with some guys .. best if we're 4 all together. So who would like to play with me Story ? Plx add me "ShiSha666" Or leave gamertag I'm going to check this Post every 5 mins now , cuz i got nothing to do <-< I got a headset but dont know if it works ingame and how , pls explain ^^ I would like to play the wizard minion if it doesn't work i'll play thief cuz then i unlocked all characters <3 pls post
  8. omg i didn't expect so many people to go lvl 256 , where is the fun? 1 hit everything is booring ..
  9. Hey guys , I'm living in germany like you already know and nearly everybody is lvl 256 -.- what can i do to get rid of them? or can i play with them without getting infected? What can i do to play normally .. would anybody like to ? ~
  10. Ok i made one I bit little but i wanted to try something out ^^ what do you think?
  11. Game 3 is a part of my heart & my Soul You cant just call it " LittlePeopleWithWierdHead'sBashingEachOther" Omg Game 3 for ever <3
  12. Go to the painter and spam RT + Y , does heavy damage , gives much ep and at the end you'll get much money
  13. the portrai and your game 3 guy i got photoshop but want to know how to make sth like that^^
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    i can help you .. do you got msn or icq i could send it then Write me a pm when yes ^^