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  1. we need 2 more people for insane we are at the desert level we got a 99 red knight and a 99 industrial knight. if you want to help us send me a message on xbox live my gamertag is Relic02.
  2. 80 wins is too easy. It should be 200. There's already multiple people with 200+ wins and the game's only been out for a couple weeks, so it's not too hard to achieve. if that was a achievement i would almost have it
  3. i have the 4 knights i got them at comic con. they look so cool and to make them even better Dan signed them to
  4. there is really no bad character in castle crashers its just how you use them but thats just my opinion.
  5. that happened to me to. someone told me that you need 40 melee wins
  6. wow thats so cool the game has not even been out for a month and its this big
  7. Yeah that guy was good he is like ranked 6 on the lifetime ranked arena leaderboards and myself 12 any way Dan you are really good at throwing those bombs like every time you threw one i got hit by one.
  8. I played with Dan to he was the royal guard and i was the red knight. Dan is really good. i barely won than round.good game Dan. GT=Relic02
  9. we are starting on the desert level. we have one lvl 99 red knight and one 99 industrial knight. preferably high lvls wanted Gamertags Relic02=99 industrial knight Pew Pew Pew410=99 red knight Send me a message on xbox live or post gamertag here